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We're the creators of Ionic, bringing you revolutionary technology at an affordable price point. Imagine a battery that lasts longer, works harder, and plays smarter. That's Ionic. Our Ionic lithium batteries ship for free, have 100% USA based support, and many of our batteries feature a world-class, 11-year warranty!

Take Your Adventures Up A Notch With Lithium

Banish battery angst with a battery that lasts 4-6x longer than traditional lead acid batteries and is equipped with Bluetooth technology. With a few clicks on your smartphone, you can check the status of your Ionic battery and see if it needs charging. Our starter batteries even feature an Emergency Start function. Ionic lithium batteries offer longer lifespan, higher discharge rate, and more value than other battery types. They work harder and last longer. With our 11-year warranty, on select Ionic batteries, and free shipping, you can be sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. 

We offer a variety of battery types, including marine, RV, golf cart, lawn mower, UTV batteries, and more. Order your Ionic lithium battery today and experience the difference!

Our Ionic Lithium Batteries

Not all lithium batteries are created the same. Here at Ionic, we believe in quality over quantity. We manufacture our Ionic lithium batteries with only the best materials possible. Our purpose? To provide reliable, consistent battery power for our customers always. Batteries that can handle both your recreational and work related needs with ease. 


That means we use only Grade A cells, equip our batteries with an advanced battery management system (BMS), offer the most technologically advanced battery features, and always thoroughly inspect our batteries.

Make sure you’re always ready for what the day has in store. No one wants to lug their camping or boating equipment out of the garage only to find a dead battery that needs attention. That’s no way to start your day. With Ionic lithium batteries on deck, you can check the level of your charge by opening up the Ionic Battery App. Check the status of your charge from your breakfast table! It’s as easy as that. Now you can plan your day without any unnecessary stops or annoying interruptions..

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Types Of Batteries & Their Purposes

Batteries aren’t one size fits all. If you’re looking for unparalleled performance, then you’ll want to pay special attention to the type of battery you choose. Not to mention the size, capacity, and depth of discharge. Ionic batteries come in many different sizes. For instance, our LiFePo4 12V 30Ah Ionic lithium battery is ideal for starting Side-by-Sides/UTVs and powerful zero-turn mowers. They are even powerful enough to start a 400hp engine.

Whether you're looking to power a few low powered gadgets on your bass boat or need a powerful RV battery with a built-in heater, we’ve got you covered! Making the switch to an Ionic lithium battery can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run. Getting those 5 acres mowed in the back is a breeze with a long-lasting Ionic battery. The yard’s finished so why not power up the bass boat next?

The 4 Battery Technology Types

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lead-acid Batteries

Like lithium, lead acid batteries are meant to be recharged. Their low upfront cost makes them a winner for many upfront, but the savings can quickly dwindle. On average, lead acid batteries last only a few hundred cycles before they begin to age. This often leads to more poor performance. In addition, you’ll need to constantly maintain your battery or risk damaging it. And toxic leakage is another worry.

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AGM Batteries

The upfront cost of AGM batteries is higher, but once you have them installed they're less likely to need maintenance. The only problem? Overuse or neglect can cause damage and an expensive replacement situation. We’re talking about a whole new battery after all, not a simple tune-up.

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Gel Batteries

Gel batteries may be a great choice for those who don't want to recharge their battery often. You can store them for long periods without losing their life. They come with a heftier price tag, but they’re often a better long-term investment than lead acid. One of the main downsides is that it can take up to 12 hours for a gel battery to charge. And you need to monitor the charge throughout the process. If you don't disconnect your charger upon completion, you risk irreversible damage.

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An Ionic lithium battery is the best option if you want a long-lasting, more cost-effective, maintenance-free device. Lithium also weighs less and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals harming the environment. Bluetooth technology makes it even easier to gauge the remaining charge. Thanks to the battery management system (BMS), Ionic batteries won't overcharge - it stops charging as soon as it's done.

The Ionic Lithium Battery Advantage

Ionic lithium batteries are a popular choice for boaters, anglers, RVers, and other outdoorsmen. They provide long-lasting power with consistent output. They’re the perfect choice for seasoned pros or weekend warriors!

Zero Maintenance

Sick of nonstop battery maintenance? An Ionic lithium battery is the answer. Lead acid batteries must have constant maintenance to prevent damage. An Ionic lithium battery has zero maintenance because there's nothing to do except recharge.

Monitor Status

You can never be too careful with your batteries. That's why we offer status monitoring for our Ionic lithium batteries. That way, you'll always know when it’s time to recharge! Our Ionic IOS or Android app will let you view the voltage of their respective types, as well as how much charge is remaining in each.


The Ionic deep cycle lithium battery is a super lightweight and compact Ionic battery that can power pretty much any bass boat, RV, UTV, or lawn mower. These ultra-light batteries are better on gas and allow for more usage time since they last longer and have less weight.

Better For The Environment

An Ionic lithium battery is much better for the environment than a lead acid battery. This is because they’re non-toxic and don’t leak, unlike other battery types.

Maintain Charge

The Ionic lithium battery is a rare type of battery that can maintain its charge for years, even if you don't use it. Unlike many other types, these batteries lose very little charge over time and won’t die out due to lack of usage - they stay strong!

Longer Lasting

An Ionic lithium battery lasts up to five times longer than a lead acid battery, making it a great choice for those who want a long-lasting power source. Ionic lithium batteries are more cost-effective because they need less maintenance and replacement. So if you think about it, they help your money last longer too!

Ionic Lithium Batteries: Top Quality, Top Value

Built to last, Ionic lithium batteries pack a powerful punch. They’re engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and built tough. They have double the power of standard lead-acid batteries with half the weight! Plus, you’ll likely get 4-6 times more usage before needing a new one because of those deep cycle applications we mentioned above. These batteries can go all day without running low on juice.

So why not power your next trip or overlanding adventure with a high-quality, Ionic lithium battery? With a full charge, they're perfect for trolling all day or boondocking escapades in the RV. They can also be paired with solar panels and machinery (like floor scrubbers, small forklifts, liftgates, and more). Many of our batteries feature an 11-year warranty that offers unparalleled protection. Don't worry about losing power because we've got you covered at LithiumHub!

For over a decade, LithiumHub has been solving the long-lasting battery problem. We all measure battery quality by the life of our batteries - not just their performance or cost. We set out to create lasting value with durable electronics for our customers. We also eliminated toxic emissions and time-consuming maintenance. Our 11-year warranty backs this up. You’ll have peace of mind knowing we built our Ionic lithium batteries to be dependable.

LithiumHub's Ionic batteries have quickly become a favorite for those in the know. With double the power of lead acid cells, these guys are built tough and perfect for deep cycle applications. If you're looking for long-lasting value, then look no further than our Ionic lithium batteries.

Have Questions? Reach Out

We believe Ionic lithium batteries are the best solution for nearly every customer. But understand you may have questions. Looking to power your boat, RV, mower, Side-by-Side, or other application? Know that there’s always a friendly representative to assist you at LithiumHub. Shoot us a message or give us a call to connect with one of our experts!


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