LithiumHub is a master distributor that sells lithium batteries, MobilePower and lithium related products directly from the manufacture passing the best value to our customers.

LithiumHub is formed around the concept: That power can be safely and economically captured, stored, transported and used. There are so many areas where the safety, portability and efficiency of power storage and use are changing the world around us. Today that revolution is largely revolving around lithium based batteries. The rapid rise of lithium batteries and the products they are being used in has been a real benefit to users. The batteries are lighter, greener and more efficient than lead acid batteries allowing more and more devices to be truly portable.

LithiumHub is on its path of developing marketable products where the technology can be used both by the consumer and commercially. LithiumHub wants this to be an attractive proposition for every manufacturer or seller of lithium based products, so that all consumers can experience a safe and satisfactory experience with their batteries and lithium based products.

In the consumer area, many lithium battery products are appearing on the market but are often of low quality and performance. LithiumHub works with brands such as Ionic lithium batteries and MobilePower that we believe are providing the best overall purchase value for performance for an attractive price.

LithiumHub recognizes the need for a continuous product improvement and product development that we work closely with our manufactures in doing so. In this area of power mobility and safety, the need for ever more advanced systems to control the flow of power, either in the discharging or use of the power, will be critical to allow all users the full advantages of portable power.

We invite you to join us by purchasing products from LithiumHub as we help the world realize the full benefits of safe, portable power. Your business will provide us the opportunity to advance these technologies faster and to a wider market.

Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries.

Ionic lithium batteries is a brand name that uses the most advanced lithium cells that are of high quality, light weight, powerful, durable, that uses large formatted cells that stay balanced to maximize performance for many years to come.

The Ionic lithium deep cycle batteries have an expected lifespan of eight to ten years. Safety features include reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit, over temp and over-discharge protection.

The Ionic lithium batteries can use 100% of the capacity that allows you to use a smaller Ah capacity battery compared to Ah ratings to lead acid batteries. Even though the up- front costs for lithium is higher, the cost of the lead acid battery will be double to that of the lithium battery over the life of the lithium battery.

Some of the Ionic lithium batteries advantages vs lead acid are:

SAFE: Uses LiFePO4 chemistry is safe, with BMS protection
Drop-in replacement: Available in standard industry sizes.
Lightweight: 50-60% less weight than lead acid equivalent Longest Life: Up to 10x longer cycle life than lead acid equivalent.
More Useable Capacity: 25-50% more capacity than a lead acid equivalent.
Constant Power: Full power available throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop as fast like lead acid
Temperature Tolerant: 2.5X more efficient operation at low temperatures than lead acid. Safely operates up to 149F (65C)
Partial Charge Tolerant: No damage from a partial state of charge operation or in storage
Long Shelf Life: Low self-discharge so battery maintains state of charge
Maintenance: No service or watering needed Non Hazardous; Emits no gas.
Installation Flexibility: Can be installed upright or on its side.

Check out Lithium-Ion Cell Advantage V.S. Lead Acid.

The ionic 12V lithium batteries at are 12Ah20Ah50Ah100Ah125Ah and 300Ah allow batteries to be connected up to 4 in series to allow to use on 24V, 36V or 48V systems. Unlimited numbers can be connected in parallel. Should one fall out in a larger system the other batteries will keep working.

Some of the uses of the ionic deep cycle batteries include marine trolling, RV, Solar, lift-gates, floor sweepers and so many other direct replacements for lead acid batteries with all the benefits using ionic lithium-ion batteries.

The app allows the user to monitor the state of charge SOC (similar to a fuel gauge), voltage, current, power levels, temperature, time left to discharge, time left to charge and Cycle count.

In the past, both lead acid and lithium batteries that can be difficult to monitory your battery state of charge without expensive monitoring equipment. LithiumHub provides the best performing, best value lithium-ion deep cycle battery on the market.


“MobilePower” is a brand name for a portable power bank, portable powerstations, or sometimes known as a portable power generator. The MobilePower units sold at Lithiumhub’s website provide a lot of battery capacity exceeding other competitors with power output for the size and price. These are excellent to use in portable power needs to power up or charge up smart phones, tablets, computers, fans, powertools, TV and so many other power uses.