Ionic 24V Multi Voltage Lithium LiFePO4 Charger | 24V 10A + 12V 10A


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Ionic Multi Voltage Charger Stats

  • While most bank chargers are for 12V batteries only, this can charge one 24V and one 12V Lithium (LiFePo4) battery at 10A at the same time.
  • Green and Red indicator lights for charging status. (Green: Power or Charging Completed. Red: Charging).
  • Lightweight and low profile design.
  • Can also be used for 2-3 bank charging system.
  • Can be used for lead acid or AGM batteries.
  • Ionic Lithium app shows charge level and time to charge when using Ionic Lithium Batteries.
  • 60in (5ft) cable length on each bank.
  • First-class Warranty.
  • LithiumHub 30 Day Return Policy and free shipping.
  • For safety reasons, the charger times out and stops charging after 72 hours of continuous use. This is indicated by blinking red LEDs. To activate the charger again, simply disconnect and reconnect the power cable.

Product Description

Introducing the Ionic Multi Voltage Charger

Charges 2 batteries at once (One 24V and one 12V at 10A)

Ionic lithium batteries offer ultimate convenience: no maintenance, long-lifespan, and high efficiency. Now, you can enjoy that same convenience…in a battery charger!

Introducing the Ionic Multi Voltage Charger from LithiumHub. While most Ionic Multi Voltage Chargers on the market handle 12V or 24V batteries, this unique charger lets you “mix and match”. With one 24V bank and one 12V bank, it’s the convenient choice for boaters, anglers, RVers, and more!

Stop lugging around several chargers. Consolidate to just one highly intelligent Ionic Multi Voltage Charger that can handle all battery types. Want to charge a lithium battery and a lead acid battery at the same time? No problem. How about AGM? You got it!

And there’s more…this Ionic Multi Voltage Charger is extra lightweight, affordable, and capable. Explore additional benefits below:

Benefits of the Ionic Multi Voltage Charger

  • Charges your batteries faster and more conveniently
  • Cuts out the need for more than one charger
  • Saves space
  • Lightweight (Only 11 lbs)
  • Small size (Just 12in x 9.5in x 2in.)
  • Affordable
  • Convenient (Charge different types of batteries at once)
  • Can also charge lead-acid and AGM batteries
  • Connect via Bluetooth to see charge level on your phone (when charging Ionic Lithium Batteries)

Ionic Multi Voltage Charger Advantages for Boats

Don’t get carried away by the rip currents of all the different chargers out there. If you’re looking for a great Ionic Multi Voltage Charger for marine batteries, you’ve floated up to the right dock! You only need ONE charger–this one– if you’re looking to charge one 12V battery and one 24V battery in tandem.

A common problem some boaters have is finding space for a charger on their boat. Finally, here’s a lightweight, on-board charger that fits easily in tight spaces. Simply install your charger, back your boat up to an electrical connection, and start juicing up!

What about space for the batteries? That can cause a conundrum too. That’s why we’ve designed each bank of this Ionic Multi Voltage Charger with its own 5-foot cable. No need to worry about placing the batteries right next to the charger.

Is an Ionic Multi Voltage Charger a Good Investment?

Buying batteries is already an investment. So purchasing a charger that keeps your batteries in optimum condition plus helps them perform their best is a no-brainer!

But what makes this Ionic Multi Voltage Charger an exceptional investment? To put it bluntly, convenience and quality.


Battery chargers that allow you to charge both 12V and 24V batteries are as hard to find as discount video game consoles on Black Friday. So in our humble opinion, this is one Ionic Multi Voltage Charger you just can’t pass up! (But don’t worry. Unlike those deceitful Black Friday deals, there isn’t a limited number of these chargers. And you won’t need to wrestle with anyone to get your hands on one).


Next, consider quality. Should you risk the integrity of your expensive deep cycle batteries by charging them with a low-quality charger? Or risk spoiling another boating weekend when said charger decides it wants a “day off”? In the end, saving a few bucks on a cheap charger just isn’t worth the hassle.

We’re proud of the quality we offer with this product. Better put, we’re ecstatic to offer a reliable, no-nonsense multi-charger that enhances the experiences of our fellow anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted to survive and thrive under hostile marine and other outdoor environments, it’s the perfect accessory to your “tough as nails” lithium batteries.


The kind of quality we’re talking about above doesn’t come cheap. But that doesn’t mean our Ionic charger isn’t affordable. While it’s true that high-quality multi-bank chargers are far from inexpensive, we feel we’ve achieved a happy medium with this charger. With your initial investment, you’ll save money in the long run. That’s because you’ll have to replace your charger much less often.

How to Use the Ionic Multi Voltage Charger

This charger is built with 2 separate banks, with a 10A current on each channel. One handles 12V batteries, and the other is for 24V. Here are additional specifications:

Ionic Multi Voltage Charger Specifications:

Input 110V/120VAC at 7.5A
Output Power 584W
Charge Voltage 14.6V
Float Voltage 13.8V
Current 10A each Channel
Weight 11 lbs
Size 12 in x 9.5 in x 2 in

What kind of batteries can I use with this Ionic Multi Voltage Charger?

This Ionic charger has certain “extra” functions that work only with lithium batteries. For example, when charging an Ionic lithium battery, you can view charge level and time to charge on our mobile app via Bluetooth.

However, you can also use this charger with lead acid and AGM batteries. It charges to 14.6V by constant current at 10A, then floats to 13.8V. Charging a lithium battery and a lead acid battery at the same time will not harm either battery.

In addition, this smart Ionic Multi Voltage Charger is a “set it and forget it” gadget. Simply connect your batteries and walk away. No need to unplug once one or both batteries have reached 100%. Our Ionic charger can charge lithium, lead acid, and AGM batteries together without damaging them. It will switch to float mode to protect batteries once fully charged.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

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Input 110V/120VAC at 7.5A
Output Power 584W
Charge Voltage 14.6V
Float Voltage 13.8V
Current 10A each Channel
Weight 11 lbs
Size 12 in x 9.5 in x 2 in

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