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Harness and store reliable energy wherever life takes you, with LiFePO4 solar batteries.

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Ionic batteries are 100% compatible and safe with Yamaha and Mercury motors

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Our Lithium LiFePO4 batteries bring you revolutionary technology ahead of its time. As the creators of the Ionic brand, we combine powerful lithium, Grade A battery cells, and Bluetooth monitoring for a battery that lasts longer, works harder, and plays smarter. With LithiumHub, you’re guaranteed 100% US based support, plus a competitive, no-nonsense 11-year warranty.

Buy Lithium Solar Batteries (LiFePO4)

We craft our ionic lithium batteries from the highest quality materials. Built to optimize solar energy systems, they work with both on and off the grid. With maintenance-free lithium power, you can maximize efficiency and eliminate "battery anxiety".

Lithium Solar Batteries Benefits

Charges 4-6x Faster

No more waiting for 6-12 hours to get a full charge. Our Ionic lithium solar batteries charge 4-6 times faster than lead acid.


Lithium solar batteries are a dream come true for renewable energy enthusiasts. They’re safe, leak-free, and recyclable!

Lasts 2-4x Longer

We build our batteries tough, guaranteeing 2 to 4 times the lifespan of lead acid.

Drop In Replacement

It’s easy to switch to lithium batteries for solar setups. Just plug and play!

Run in Parallel

Connect and run as many solar lithium batteries as needed in your solar setup.

Bluetooth Monitoring

No more wondering and worrying about how much power’s left. Our batteries feature bluetooth monitoring. Check the status from your phone any time, and shut stress off!

Maintenance Free

Unlike their attention-hungry lead acid counterparts, these batteries need absolutely NO maintenance. None. Nada. Zilch.

15x Lower Discharge Rate

Lithium solar batteries discharge at a rate of just 2% per month. Lead acid clocks in at a clunky 30%.

Up to 70% Lighter

Same storage capacity as comparable lead acid batteries. Less than half the weight.

Enjoy 100% Clean Energy Off the Grid With Lithium Solar Batteries

Whether you’re camping, boondocking, or living in a remote area, our Ionic LiFePO4 batteries will keep your lights on when you need them most.

When combined with solar panels, lithium batteries cut out the need for shore power or generators. You can store your own clean energy, and use it during winter months and cloudy days. Enjoy reliable energy during outages and in remote areas.

Lithium Batteries For Solar Power Systems

Where and when would you benefit most from using lithium batteries in your solar setup? Here are some circumstances in which our LiFePO4 batteries are especially helpful:

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Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Lithium batteries are a boon for boondockers! If you’ve ever lived or traveled “off the grid”, you know that you can’t do without batteries in your solar setup. In remote areas, you’ll need batteries to store solar energy for later use. Same goes for places with plentiful power outages. Because they use energy efficiently, ionic lithium batteries will allow you to keep the lights on longer.

Lithium solar batteries are perfect for your off-grid system when you want 100% clean energy. By forgoing grid power, you avoid using fossil fuels. When you add lithium batteries to your array, your solar power will go a lot further, making the switch to off-grid much easier.

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Backup Power for Grid-Tied Systems, or Hybrid Systems

Lithium solar batteries are great for providing backup power when grid power fails. For those who live in places where natural disasters are common, storing solar energy for “a rainy day” is a must! Likewise for areas with unreliable power grids.

Using a hybrid solar power system (grid-tied + solar power + battery backup) gives you the best of all worlds. You can rely on solar power when it’s available, grid power on darker days, and battery storage when all else fails. Not only will you reduce your power bill by utilizing solar energy, but you’ll always be covered in an emergency.

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The Solar Lithium Battery Advantages Over Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries may be a cheap buy now, but they’re costly in the long run. Costly because you have to replace them more often than lithium batteries. Costly because they’re less efficient than lithium. Costly because they can kick the bucket early when you accidentally discharge them past 50%.

Those are some good reasons to call it quits on traditional batteries. But is it time to switch to lithium? Here’s why solar lithium batteries are worth triple their weight in gold (they’re feather light, remember?):

Highly Efficient

Thanks to their efficiency, you can use your lithium solar batteries with a small, inexpensive solar energy setup. You’ll enjoy the same amount of power as you would with a larger array combined with lead acid batteries.

Reliable in Any Setting

You don’t want your energy petering out during times of low solar production. That’s when you need it most! LiFePO4 batteries store energy safely and reliably. So you can stay plugged-in, come winter or cloudy day! You can even discharge your solar lithium battery past 80% without causing any damage.

Anxiety-Free Monitoring

Lead acid batteries are mysterious — but not in a good way. Like a love interest playing hard to get, they’ll keep you guessing. How much charge do I have left? How many more hours can I keep the lights on? Yep. It’s a pain.

Our ionic lithium solar batteries get rid of the guesswork. With Bluetooth monitoring, you can check the battery life from your phone! You can also see how much time it will take to charge your batteries completely. The app includes an extensive collection of useful data. Tap away to see voltage, temperature, current, and charging status (standby, charge, discharge).

Heavyweight Power, Flyweight Package

Lithium batteries run with the big boys, even though they’re basically flyweights competing vs heavyweights. That is, they weigh about a third of a similarly-sized lead acid battery, but pack just as much power. Also, they boast a 99% charge efficiency, compared to 85% for lead acid.

Easy to Maintain

Setting up a solar array and making it work for you can be tough. The last thing you need is to add constant battery upkeep. That’s where lithium batteries are solar systems ahead of lead acid. You don’t need to clean them, remove corrosion, or store them outside because of toxic vapors.


One of the main disadvantages of lead acid batteries is that they give off toxic fumes. That’s why you must store them in well-ventilated areas only. Lithium batteries are leak and toxin free, and you can keep them pretty much anywhere.

Fast Charging

LiFePO4 solar batteries can accept higher charge currents, allowing them to charge in just 2 hours or less. In comparison, lead acid batteries keep you waiting practically all day.

Lithium solar batteries also banish overcharge anxiety. Just set ‘em and forget ‘em. They’re equipped with a built-in management system to keep them from overcharging.

Insane Endurance = Extra-Long Lifetime

Our lithium solar batteries last 5,000 cycles, which translates to 10 years. They may even last 50, if you used 100 cycles per year. Even after 5,000 cycles, lithium batteries can still function at 70% capacity. Lead acid batteries last 400 cycles, or 2-6 years. And they often last less because they aren’t properly maintained.

We’ll Help You Build Your Lithium Battery Solar Setup in No Time!

At Lithium Hub, we know that every solar array is unique. We’ll point you to the right lithium batteries, and help you maximize your setup’s potential.

Ionic Lithium Batteries For Solar Setups: A Better Investment

You’ve already put time, energy, and funds into setting up your solar energy system. Why not ensure it functions at optimal levels? Yes, lithium batteries may cost more than lead acid batteries on the front end. But their lifetime value far outweighs your initial investment.

Consider lifespan, efficiency, charging capabilities, safety, and durability, and the answer is clear. Lithium batteries outshine the competition. Let us help you choose the right LiFePO4 batteries for your solar array today!

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