Preventative Maintenance


Examine the outside appearance of the battery. The tops of the batteries and terminal connections should be clean and dry, as well as free of dirt and corrosion. The case should show no signs of cell expansion which could cause the case to bulge or split. If the cells have expanded they should not be used and immediately discarded per local regulations. Check battery cables and connections. Replace any damaged cables and tighten any loose connections. Do not over torque, as you may damage the terminal.



Check the battery for cleanliness at regular intervals and keep terminals and connectors free of corrosion. Terminal corrosion may adversely affect the performance of the battery and present a safety hazard. Clean the top of the battery, terminals and connections with a cloth or brush. Do not allow any cleaning solution to get inside the battery if used. Keep the area around batteries clean and dry.


  • Charge batteries before placing in storage.
  • Store in a cool, dry location, protected from the elements.
  • Disconnect from equipment to eliminate potential parasitic loads that may discharge the battery.
  • Batteries gradually self-discharge during transit and storage.
  • Batteries in storage should be given a boost charge when they are at 70% SOC
  • When batteries are taken out of storage, recharge before use.
  • Check battery cables and connections. Replace any damaged cables and tighten any loose connections.

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