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LithiumHub is formed around the concept that power can be safely and economically captured, stored, transported and used. As the creators of the Ionic brand of lithium batteries, we have the experience and trust in the industry to say with confidence that we know lithium. 

The rapid rise of lithium batteries and the products they are being used in has been a real benefit to users. The batteries are lighter, greener and more efficient than lead acid batteries allowing more and more devices to be truly portable.

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Ionic Lithium Battery Benefits

Ionic Lithium Batteries are made with Grade A cells and backed by our 8 year limited warranty

Faster charging

Longer Lasting

Up to 70% Lighter

Maintenance Free

Bluetooth Monitoring

Drop In Replacement


Run in Parallel

Best Selling Products

Ionic Bluetooth Monitoring App

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Ionic Lithium Deep Cycles Batteries are one of the first on the market with built in bluetooth monitoring. Download the app to monitor your battery life at any time. Utilizing bluetooth technology and your smartphone, you'll always know exactly how your battery life is.

Hear From Others Who Have Made The Switch To Lithium Batteries


I have all 12 V batteries w/ cranking at 125 AHs and three 100 AHs for trolling. I had 50 AHs for trolling. I find them positive with charging and utilizing them through my terrains. I am aggressive when hunting fish especially when pre-fishing. The apps are good to help you track consumption. I recommend them due to price, functionality, & durability. My Bass Cat runs faster and maneuvers better w/ minus 240 lbs. I give Lithium Hub 10 stars w/ CS and product.


Using for my trolling motor setup. The customer service is excellent. I have utilized the battery on multiple occasions. Lightweight and long lasting, the Bluetooth feature allows constant battery monitoring. Good product, good company!


I use it in conjunction with a sine wave inverter to power two 150W guitar amps various effects for outdoor music performance. I have only used it twice so far but the performance has been great. The signal is very clean, possibly even more that standard AC. I had tried a few other systems but they all created a line hum that would not go away. That and/or they were much to bulky and cumbersome. Both the battery and the inverter are presentable as well, they look neat. The battery is also very light, which is a huge plus.

Road Rogue

It was nice to speak with the staff about before purchase to confirm I was ordering the battery I needed. Fast shipping and the price was right. One thing I appreciate more than anticipated is the Bluetooth parameter reporting. This eliminated a substantial amount of additional monitoring hardware in my installation. Using the battery for Solar PV storage.



The customer service for Lithium Hub is outstanding. I received my two 50 amp batteries with in days of the order. The Bluetooth feature allows constant monitoring of the batteries condition. I purchased for use on my kayak. They have proved to be lightweight and long lasting.
If you have questions they have answers.


Just got back from a 4 day fishing trip using a single 24V 50ah lithuim. I fished all day in 20mph winds for 4 of the days running it hard and finished the day with 25 to 50% left. The bluetooth app is great just check throughout the day and see if it will make it all day or not. Im sure you could run it dead in a day if you tried but with responsible trolling motor use it will last all day easy.


The only Bluetooth Lithium available. This battery is phenomenal. I use 3 in series for a bass boat trolling motor. They run 8-10 hours on 50% trolling speed and at the end of the day are only down 15-20% and the power is constant, it doesn’t loose power, so I don’t have to dial the trolling motor up in speed at all. Just set it and go. The small size is great also. It gave me back a lot of used up space for lead acid batteries. And another important thing is the weight lost from getting rid of the lead acid. These batteries don’t corrode and stay clean and don’t heat and gas like the lead acid batteries, so much nicer! The only way to go. I highly recommend this battery. Just plain awesome!

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Bass Fishing Boat

Floor Machine

Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Applications

Our Lithium deep cycle batteries, chargers, and accessories have a wide variety of applications for all of your needs. These are just a few of the more popular uses for our products.

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Independence Day Sale

Save Up To 40% Off Our Most Popular Batteries