Lithium UTV Batteries

Work hard and play harder with lithium starter batteries for your UTV or Side by Side.

The Best UTV Battery on the Market

You rely on your UTV to haul your farm supplies, transport equipment and people, or carry you home from the hunt. But your UTV relies on its battery to perform, so make sure you choose the best one on the market.

Introducing LiFePO4 UTV batteries from LithiumHub, the only lithium UTV batteries equipped with both Emergency Start and Bluetooth functions. It’s the battery you can trust to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

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Benefits of Lithium UTV Batteries

Lasts 4-6x Longer

With a lifetime 4-6x as long as lead acid, these batteries are built to last (no matter what terrain they tackle).

Bluetooth Monitoring

What sets a lithium UTV battery apart? Bluetooth monitoring, of course. Check battery life anytime, right from your phone.


Acid-free by nature, lithium batteries are kind to Mother Nature. They’re non-toxic and won’t leak.

15x Lower Discharge Rate

Storing your UTV during the off-season? Worried about your battery discharging? Lithium batteries discharge just 2% per month, compared to 30% for a similar lead acid battery. Say goodbye to seasonal charging!

Charges 4-6x Faster

A forgotten task (or the urge to hunt) comes up suddenly. Will your UTV battery be ready? Our lithium batteries reach a full charge in as little as 2 hours. That’s 4-6 times faster than lead acid batteries.

Drop In Ready

Ready to give your old battery the boot? Your new lithium UTV battery is drop-in ready. It comes sealed, so there’s no need to add electrolytes or modify it for your machine.

Run in Parallel

Want to use more than one UTV battery? Connect and run as many lithium batteries as you need for your vehicle, without complicated connections.

Up to 70% Lighter

Get greater agility and reach higher speeds with our light-as-air lithium batteries. By switching from lead acid to lithium, you can reduce up to 70% of the weight!

Maintenance Free

No need to add battery maintenance to your “to-do” list. Lithium batteries take care of themselves. No watering, no corrosion, and no upkeep whatsoever.

Enjoy a Smooth, Powerful Ride with Lithium

Transform your UTV with the battery that lets you add agility to your vehicle’s advantages. By powering your ride with such a light battery, you can zip from place to place with ease. And not only that, but lightening up helps save gas, too!

Of course, a smooth ride also means a ride with no mishaps. Use our reliable 9AH lithium battery to start and run your UTV reliably. Want to travel at night or keep gadgets running for long periods of time? Use our 30AH lithium batteries to run your lights, radio, and other equipment for as long as you need them.

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Advantages of Lithium UTV Batteries

Also known as the side-by-side or recreational off-highway vehicle, the UTV is a boon when dealing with uneven terrain. Such a versatile, useful vehicle deserves a battery that harnesses its maximum potential. That’s what you’ll get with a lithium UTV battery. Here’s why:

Maximum Efficiency

You want to be efficient while hauling or hunting. That’s why you chose your UTV in the first place. So why settle for less than the MOST efficient UTV battery on the market? Lithium batteries store the same amount of power as lead acid batteries twice their size. Also, they offer 99% charge efficiency, compared to lead acid’s 85%.

No Upkeep Needed

The wilderness (or the daily checklist) is calling your name. You don’t have time for battery babysitting. One incredible advantage of a lithium UTV battery is that you (literally) don’t have to lift a finger to maintain it. No checking for corrosion, no replacing electrolytes, no nonsense.

Reliable and Consistent, Always

The last thing you need is a dead battery when you’re on the way home from a hunting trip or the other side of the farm. Breathe easy with Emergency Start, our built-in safety system that ensures your battery always gets your UTV going, no matter what. Also, with lithium you get consistent power even after thousands of hours of use. Struggling with voltage sag? Not a problem anymore. Ionic lithium batteries perform consistently even when below 50% battery life.

Recyclable and Toxin-Free

An eco-friendly, recyclable UTV battery? Sounds like a pipe dream. But it’s the honest truth with our lithium batteries. Say goodbye to lead acid batteries that leak toxic chemicals and harm the environment. It’s time to usher in a new generation of toxin-free power. Store your lithium battery anywhere, even indoors, and bring it to your local battery recycling hub when it reaches the end of its long lifetime.

Bluetooth Capable

Switching to a smart lithium battery is like swapping your outdated gadgets for a smartphone or a smart TV. It’s the ultimate upgrade for your UTV! With bluetooth capabilities, you can check battery status from your phone. View how many volts are left, and the percentage of battery life remaining. Want to know how much longer you can roll along? Need to find out how much more time it will take to get a full charge? It’s all there, at the tap of a finger.

Weight and Space Saving

Save the weight and space for your gear! Don’t use it up with bulky batteries. Dump up to 70% dead weight from your vehicle just by swapping your lead acid battery for lithium. Imagine how easily you’ll be able to navigate those trails once you lighten your load...

Fast, Stress-Free Charging

Will your UTV be ready when you are? If you’ve amped it up with a LiFePO4 UTV battery, you can bet your trophy game it will. Charge in as little as two hours--perfect for those impromptu trips. Where does the stress-free part come in? Well, the built-in charge management system ensures your battery will never overcharge. It also detects when it’s too cold to charge.

#1 Longest Lasting Battery

Despite what that drum-beating bunny says, LiFePO4 batteries from LithiumHub are the ones that keep going...and going...and going. In fact, a lithium UTV battery has the longest lifespan you can get among all side-by-side batteries on the market. If you charge once a day, your battery will last about 14 years! That’s because our batteries are rated to last 5,000 cycles. Lead acid has a puny lifespan of just 300-400 cycles. No competition there.

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What Sets our UTV Battery Apart?

At this point, you might be wondering, “what sets a LithiumHub UTV battery apart from other lithium batteries?”

Here’s the simple answer: we’ve added Emergency Start and Bluetooth Monitoring.

Emergency Start prevents your battery from copping out on you, no matter how much charge is left. By activating this feature, you can start your machine with a battery reserve as low as 20%.

Bluetooth Monitoring is a wireless connection from your battery to your smartphone. It allows you to check your battery’s reserve and other data in a flash.

How do these functions transform your UTV experience? Simple: they make every ride safe, stress-free, and enjoyable. Need lithium golf cart batteries instead? Shop here!

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Why the LiFePO4 UTV Battery is a Better Investment

By now you may have realized that a lithium UTV battery has a higher price tag than a traditional battery. But as they say, “you get what you pay for”. After all, you can’t get a sports car for the price of a junker.

What’s more, the initial investment you’ll make is just that--initial. Since you won’t have to replace your LiFePO4 UTV battery for many years, you’ll spend less in the long run. Also, it will end up paying for itself when you eliminate gas, maintenance, and replacement expenses. Now that’s a bargain!

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