Lithium RV Batteries

Explore longer and farther with Ionic LiFePO4 lithium deep cycle RV batteries

Our Lithium RV Batteries (LiFePO4)

Our Ionic deep cycle lithium RV batteries are created with the highest quality materials and assembly. These are no hassle, peak performance batteries, built for the long haul.

Benefits of Lithium Batteries For Your RV

Faster charging

Our Ionic lithium RV batteries have a 99% charge efficiency vs lead acid’s 85%, and charge 4-6x faster.

Longer Lasting

Our deep cycle lithium RV batteries last 2 to 4 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries.

Up to 70% Lighter

Our Ionic lithium RV batteries weigh ½ of lead acid batteries with equal capacity.

Maintenance Free

Our Ionic lithium RV batteries require no maintenance whatsoever.

Bluetooth Monitoring

Bluetooth monitoring from your phone so you can know exactly what your battery life is at any time.

Drop In Replacement

Our Ionic lithium RV batteries are plug and play. Just connect your battery and you're ready to go.


Ionic Lithium RV Deep Cycle batteries are leak free, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Run in Parallel

Connect multiple Lithium Deep Cycle RV Batteries and run as many as needed in parallel

Lower Discharge Rate

Ionic Lithium Deep Cycle RV Batteries self discharge at only about 2% per month compared to lead-acid 30%

Ionic Lithium RV Battery 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Power Your Travels With Reliable Ionic Lithium RV Batteries

As your RV journeys take you many miles into one glorious adventure after another, time makes it increasingly clear why you need a faithful battery like our Ionic 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle RV Battery that won’t hamstring your experience.

LithiumHub’s Ionic lithium deep cycle RV batteries (LiFePO4) provide you with reliability and peace of mind thanks to their small, lightweight, quick-charging, eco-friendly and maintenance-free characteristics.

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The Ionic Lithium RV Battery Advantage

One of the first questions most people ask about the Ionic lithium RV battery is, why spend more on lithium deep cycle batteries, aren’t lead acid batteries cheaper?  Here’s a few reasons you might choose lithium over lead acid.

Lithium RV LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Long Lasting

Our lithium RV batteries can take a lot more punishment than lead acid batteries, and usually last 2-4x longer as a result (some have even reported lasting 10x longer). They can also be discharged past 80% state of charge while lead acid batteries can only be discharged down to 50% before it does damage to the battery.

Our lithium RV batteries are rated to last 5,000 cycles, which should easily last 10 years, and up to 50, assuming 100 cycles per year. Even after 5,000 cycles, they’re still capable of producing 70% of their rated capacity. Lead acid batteries are rated to last around 400 cycles and should last 2-6 years, but often last less when people fail to give their lead acid batteries enough attention and maintenance. And once they hit their 300 to 500 cycle limit, they need to be replaced.

Less Weight

Sometimes you need less weight on your hitch. For example, if a 300 Ah usable capacity lead acid battery bank surpasses the hitch weight limit of your towing vehicle (400+ lbs adds up quick, after all), you need to find a lighter option.

Ionic Lithium RV batteries weigh roughly ⅓ of a similarly sized lead acid battery. So a lithium RV battery bank with 300Ah usable capacity will should weigh around 150 lbs, which leaves you with a lot more wiggle room.

Better Charge

Lithium (LiFePO4) RV batteries charge 4 to 6 times faster than lead acid batteries, because they can accept higher charge currents. They also have a built in battery management system to keep the battery from overcharging.

More Efficient Charge

It will take a much larger and more expensive solar setup to charge a lead acid battery bank as fast as a similarly sized lithium ion deep cycle battery bank. LiFePO4 batteries have a 99% charge efficiency, while lead acid sits at 85%.

No Maintenance Needed

Lead acid batteries are the divas of the RV battery world. One of the most frustrating things is their endless need for attention — constant cleaning, corrosion removal, electrolyte replenishment (for wet cell lead acid batteries) — it adds up! And the sum of this equation, for many, is a simple “too much.” Lithium provides an excellent alternative, because they require exactly zero maintenance.

No Fumes, No Venting

Lead acid batteries need to be stored in an outside compartment with vents because they give off toxic vapors, which makes it difficult to store them properly.

Our lithium RV batteries, on the other hand, can be stored practically wherever they fit. They don’t give off toxic fumes of any kind — no fumes, no venting.

Smaller Size

Ionic Lithium RV batteries don’t just weigh less. They take up less space too. If you need to place your battery bank inside a small compartment, lithium may (literally) be a better fit for you.

Know Your Battery Status

Ever wish your battery had some kind of health bar to show you it’s status? Well, our Ionic Batteries bluetooth app will do you one better. With this app, you’ll know your battery levels with a couple well-placed taps. And then some.

To start, this app connects to your battery to show you how much life your battery has, and how long it’ll take to fully charge. It also gives you useful battery information like voltage, current, temperature, and the current charging status of your battery (charge, discharge, standby). You can drill all the way down into the status of each individual cell in the battery.

The Ionic Batteries bluetooth app replaces guesswork with precise battery info, literally at your fingertips.


We'll get you up and running in no time

With deep cycle Ionic Lithium RV Batteries powering your trip, you'll be able to spend more time doing the things you love. No more worrying about whether your lead-acid battery is charged and ready to go or wondering what level the charge is at.  Ionic Lithium RV batteries are fast, efficient, lightweight, and easy to use.

Lithiumhub Dots

RV Sources of Power

Your RV is powered by two systems, 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC. Both systems need shore power or generator power, unless you go off the grid and harness the power of the sun itself with solar (more below).

120 Volt AC: Shore Power & Generator

Your 120-volt AC system powers the “luxury” items that require more power, like your:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Air conditioning
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Water heater

Your 120-volt AC system takes electricity from shore power or your generator and channels it into the above items, and charges your battery bank when you plug it in as well.

12 Volt DC: Battery Bank

Your 12-volt DC system powers the necessities that require less power, like your:

  • Interior lights
  • Water system
  • Overhead fans
  • Safety warning devices
  • Engine’s electrical components

Your 12-volt battery bank will charge while it’s hooked up to shore power, your generator, or solar, and also as you drive. Unlike your 120-volt AC system, your 12-volt system will continue to provide power even after you disconnect from all power sources, until your batteries run out of charge.

Solar Power

Now, let’s say you’re sick of dragging your generator out and running it 7 or 8 hours every time you need to charge your batteries, and you don’t want to be reliant on shore power. Your best option is to combine solar panels with lithium batteries. Here’s why.

Ionic Lithium RV batteries mean running out of power less often, thanks to their efficiency. This is especially important in the winter, when the days are shorter and the sun doesn’t get as high (overcast days present a similar problem). You have to use your limited energy as efficiently as possible so you don’t run out, and lithium is the perfect answer.

Not only that, you can buy a smaller and less expensive solar array. Because it will provide just as much power as a larger solar setup would with a lead acid battery bank.

That said, lithium RV batteries biggest benefit is peace of mind. Solar power requires more upkeep and effort than many people realize, and lead acid tips the scale with its own unique set of frustrations. Many solar first-timers get overwhelmed with the combo.

But with solar-lithium you dodge the avalanche of non stop maintenance, and you can finally lose the “battery anxiety” that comes from waiting 6 to 12 hours for your lead acid batteries to charge, constantly checking so you don’t overcharge your battery into an early grave. Not to mention worrying about discharging past 50%!

Because you can discharge your lithium batteries past 80% with no problems, and your charge controller-BMS combo keeps the batteries from overcharging. Anxiety free.

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Ionic Lithium RV Batteries - A Better Investment

The true value of our Ionic LiFePO4 deep cycle RV batteries becomes increasingly obvious over the life of your battery bank. Most lead acid batteries die young because it’s so difficult to maintain them properly. Lithium doesn’t have the lead acid maintenance problem, and they can’t overcharge, which makes them worry free.

Thanks to their charge efficiency, no-maintenance, and extra long life advantage over lead acid, our Ionic lithium batteries are easily more cost-efficient over the lifespan of the battery. Simply put, our lithium batteries give you peace of mind. Less hassle, less long term costs — less worry, less stress. That makes lithium a wiser investment.