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12 Volt 50Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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  • 70% lighter than lead acid batteries
  • Two to four times the service life (3000-5000 cycles)
  • Great for marine use (trolling motors), RV, floor sweepers, lift gates, UPS systems, solar energy storage
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) with power terminal cut-off and recovery
  • Cell balancing and low voltage/over voltage protection, short-circuit protection
  • Bluetooth technology to monitor battery status
  • Maximize your energy potential with 99% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
  • Drop in replacements (plug and play)
  • Run as many needed in parallel
  • Longest warranty in the industry (5 years)
  • Can go up to 4 in series with this battery

$499.00 $449.00

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Warranty: 5 Years

Ionic Lithium Deep Cycle Battery 12V50-EP

The best value 12V 50ah lithium deep cycle battery on the market

The 12V 50ah battery is perfect for trolling motors to stay on the water all day. Monitor your battery with the Ionic Bluetooth App.

The Ionic 12V 50ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery is the most competitively priced lithium deep cycle battery on the market and also comes with an industry best 5 year warranty.

World Class Safety Features

Ionic Litihum Deep Cycle 12V50-EP has 12 volts and a 50Ah capacity and is perfect for powering your deep cycle systems. Ionic deep cycle batteries have an internal microprocessor controlled battery management system (BMS) that monitors the key operational parameters during charging and discharging, such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures. Ionic deep cycle batteries can be hooked up 4 in series and as many needed in parallel.

Built for Long Lasting Reliable Power

The Ionic Deep Cycle Battery has a cycle life of 3,000 cycles or about 10 calendar years. Our lithium-ion batteries have a usable capacity of 99% compared to 50-60% for traditional lead-acid batteries]. LithiumHub Deep Cycle batteries function in the widest range of temperatures with a discharge temperature range (Functional) of –20°C to 60°C (–4°F to 140°F) and a charge temperature range of 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). Automatically detects if batteries are too cold to take a charge.

The Ionic Lithium Deep Cycle Battery line has the best weight to power ratio on the market

At 6.5” (L) x 7.7″ (W) x 7.0” (H) and weighing only 14.3 lbs., the Ionic Deep Cycle 12V50-EP has the best size to power ratio of any deep cycle battery on the market. Connectors: M6 screws allow the battery to be installed in any direction unlike lead-acid batteries which are fixed. Ionic Deep Cycle Batteries self-discharge rate per month is between 1-3% compared to lead-acid batteries which are about 30%. Max charge voltage is 14.6V and the discharge cut-off voltage is 10.5V. Max charge current is 50A and max discharge current is 50A / 170A(3s). Can be charged with solar chargers. Can be charged with most traditional lead-acid chargers that do not have “Desulfate” mode, provided the current levels do not exceed lithium battery charge specification. Using a traditional lead-acid charger that reaches 14.4-14.6 volts will allow the battery to be fully charged. Chargers that do not exceed 13.6 volts will only charge the battery to 50% capacity or less.

Has Bluetooth connection

Has Bluetooth connection
Can be charged in series

Can be charged in series
Can be charged in parallel

Can be charged in parallel
Free Shipping

Free Shipping
Lithiumhub 30 Day Return Policy

30 Day Return Policy
5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty
Model IC-12V50-EP4S
Voltage 12V
Capacity 50Ah, 640Wh
Chemistry LiFePo4
Weight 14.3lbs (6.49kg)
Dimensions 6.5″ x 7.7″ x 7.0″
165 x 196 x 178 mm
Life Cycles 3,000 @ 80% DOD
BMS Yes (Internal)
Max Charge Voltage 14.6±0.1V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage ~10.0V
Max Charge Current 50A
Max Discharge Current 50A
Peak Current (3S) 170A
Operating Temperature -20~60℃
BCI Group Size 25
Terminal 3/8-16 NMC

Please read our frequently asked questions page for answers commons questions regarding lithium ion batteries.

Ionic Deep Cycle Manual

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Ionic Bluetooth Monitoring App

Your Charge

Ionic Lithium Deep Cycles Batteries are the first ones on the market with built in bluetooth monitoring. Download the app to monitor your battery life at any time. Utilizing bluetooth technology and your smartphone, you'll always know exactly how your battery life is.

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  1. Jerry Bullaboy

    The best valued Lithium battery available. The Highest Quality Lithium avaialable. The only Bluetooth Lithium available. This battery is phenominal. I use 3 in series for a bass boat trolling motor. They run 8-10 hours on 50% trolling speed and at the end of the day are only down 15-20% and the power is constant, it doesn’t loose power, so I don’t have to dial the trolling motor up in speed at all. Just set it and go. The small size is great also. It gave me back a lot of used up space for lead acid batteries. And another important thing is the weight lost from getting rid of the lead acid. These batteries don’t corrode and stay clean and don’t heat and gas like the lead acid batteries, so much nicer! The only way to go. I highly reccomend this battery. Just plain awesome!

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  2. Ken (verified owner)

    I bought this to use as an auxiliary battery for my VW Vanagon Westfalia. It fits under the driver’s seat with room to spare. The BMS works with a standard battery isolator. I haven’t gone on any extended camping trips, but it’s worked well so far. I’ve used it a couple times to assist the starting battery when that was low on charge.

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  3. Hilton Frizell

    The customer service for Lithium Hub is outstanding. I received my two 50 amp batteries with in days of the order. The Bluetooth feature allows constant monitoring of the batteries condition. I purchased for use on my kayak. They have proved to be lightweight and long lasting.
    If you have questions they have answers.

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  4. Tom (verified owner)

    I use it in conjunction with a sine wave inverter to power two 150W guitar amps various effects for outdoor music performance. I have only used it twice so far but the performance has been great. The signal is very clean, possibly even more that standard AC. I had tried a few other systems but they all created a line hum that would not go away. That and/or they were much to bulky and cumbersome. Both the battery and the inverter are presentable as well, they look neat. The battery is also very light, which is a huge plus.

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  5. Tim

    Using for my trolling motor setup. The customer service is excellent. I have utilized the battery on multiple occasions. Lightweight and long lasting, the Bluetooth feature allows constant battery monitoring. Good product, good company!

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  6. Todd

    Great batteries! I have three 50AH on my ultrex and have fished from daylight to dark and they were still at 64%. They are compact, lightweight and charge really fast.

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  7. Steve (verified owner)

    Best Lithium’s for the money. High quality, light weight, ample power for all day tournaments or fun fishing. The Bluetooth feature to monitor the batteries health is amazing. Will buy again. Highly recommended.

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  8. Eric Barbier (verified owner)

    First tournament outing today. 24 volt Ultrex running 5-10 on the speed setting. Fished 7-2:15 Used 25% with an amp draw of 42 running the trolling motor wide open. Very impressed. Fished into high winds with no resistance. No complaints

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