Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

Give your boat an extreme makeover with a lightweight, reliable lithium trolling motor battery.

The Best Trolling Motor Battery Money Can Buy

It’s amazing what a difference a better battery can make. Imagine replacing your battery without busting your back, knowing the status of your battery at all times, and even saving money on gas. With a lithium LiFePO4 battery, this can be your reality.

Benefits of Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

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Charges 4-6x Faster

Impromptu fishing trip? No problem! Charge your lithium trolling motor battery in less than half the time it would take to charge a lead acid battery.

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Maintenance Free

A lithium trolling motor battery needs ZERO maintenance. No watering, no electrolyte replacement, no cleaning, Nothing.

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Run In Parallel

Got a bigger boat, or a need for speed? Connect as many lithium trolling motor batteries as you need in parallel.

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Lasts 4-6x Longer

Meet the lithium LiFePO4: the only trolling motor battery with a 10+ year lifespan. That’s 4-6x longer than the lifetime of lead acid batteries.

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Bluetooth Monitoring

Sink battery anxiety for good with Bluetooth monitoring. See how much charge is left and other  battery stats with just a few taps on your smartphone!

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Up to 70% Lighter

Power your boat with the same storage capacity as traditional batteries, but with half the weight.

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Leaky, toxic batteries are a thing of the past when you switch to lithium. They’re safe, eco-friendly, and recyclable!

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15x Lower Discharge Rate

You’d love to run your boat every day of the year. But when you can’t, lithium batteries keep discharging at a minimum. (Just 2% per month, compared to 30% for lead acid!)

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Drop-In Ready

No need for complicated adjustments. Lithium batteries are drop-in ready.

How to Choose the Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

To find and choose the ideal lithium battery to power your trolling motor, you'll need to think about a few important things. You’ve probably heard the terms voltage compatibility and amp-hours thrown around. You’ll need to pay attention to that. Making sure that the voltage fits with what you need in terms of electricity requirements and how long it can last is important.

You'll also need to take into account if there are any weight or space limitations on your boat. Here are some more details.

Voltage Compatibility

When you're on the hunt for the best lithium battery to match your trolling motor, taking voltage requirements into account shouldn’t be ignored. Trolling motors can range from 12V all the way up to 36V models and a lot will depend on how big and heavy your boat is. To get max performance without damaging any of the components, be sure to pick one with an appropriate voltage rating for your needs.

If two or more batteries are necessary to power your trolling motor then they can be connected in parallel (meaning positive terminals should attach together while negative ones do too). This will give you extra run time while maintaining a safe level of energy output rather than increasing voltage.

Weight and Space Considerations

The weight and space available on your boat are top priority information when you're weighing your battery options. Having a lighter-weight battery generally makes it easier to handle and perhaps more importantly, it can help you unlock maximum performance - higher acceleration and speed capabilities. And the size impacts the usable room inside your boat.

A compact but powerful battery will contribute to an enjoyable fishing experience with less or no negative effects from its presence onboard. Bigger, more unwieldy batteries can overcrowd and lower your speed and overall performance. Take each of these factors into consideration when you pick out your lithium battery so you can get the best results possible.

Amp-Hours and Run Time

To choose the right battery for your trolling motor, you'll also need to check its amp-draw rating. A higher number of amps provides more run time and longer hours out on the water without worrying about power running out too soon. If you don't mind math, you can use this formula to calculate Amp-hours:

Ah = Current (in Amps) × Time (in Hours)

To work this calculation out, first, determine the current:

Measure or find out the current in amperes (A) that is flowing through a device or circuit.

Next, determine the time:

Decide or measure the amount of time in hours (h) during which the current flows. This could be the time the device is operational, the time a battery is discharged, or any other relevant time period.

Use the formula: Multiply the current (in amps) by the time (in hours) to calculate the Amp-hours:

Ah = Current (in Amps) × Time (in Hours)

For example, if you have a 12-volt battery that is connected to a 5-ampere load for 4 hours, you can calculate the Amp hours as follows:

Ah = 5 A × 4 h = 20 Ah

So, in this case, the battery has a capacity of 20 Amp hours. This means it can deliver 5 amperes of current for 4 hours before it is fully discharged. And that's that. But what about weight and space - why do they matter?

Which Ionic Lithium Batteries do I need for my trolling motor?

A common question when switching to lithium batteries is which ones do I need? It’s not a 1:1 apples to apples comparison when upgrading to lithium and many people are overwhelmed by the choices and numbers. No problem, we’ve got you covered!

which battery do i need for my trolling motor

36V Trolling Motor Options

Popular Option - Three 12V 50Ah Ionic Lithium Batteries

If you’re powering a 36V trolling motor, then most people are going to be very happy running three of our 12V 50Ah Ionic lithium batteries wired in series. They’ll keep you on the water for a long day (around 8 hours) in the wind with no issues. You can also monitor your charge the entire time so you know exactly how much you’ve got left in the tank. This is our most popular setup by far and the reviews say it all. Check them out and you’ll be amazed at the power of lithium!

Convenient Option - One 36V 50Ah Ionic Lithium Battery

If you are tight on space or prefer a single battery, you can always go for the 36V 50Ah Ionic lithium battery which will run just the same and has all the benefits of running three 12V 50Ah in series. Some people prefer to have just one battery while others like having three individual ones. If one of the three were to have an issue, it’s easy to just remove the one and swap it out (if anything ever happens, no need to worry with our 11 year warranty we’ll have you back on the water in no time!)

Tournament Fishing Option - Three 12V 100Ah Ionic Lithium Batteries

If you’re expecting to fish hard 12+ hours a day then you may want to consider going with a capacity battery such as our 12V 100Ah. This will keep you on the water all day long in any conditions, running that trolling motor as much as you need to. We’ve really only found this necessary for those who truly want that extra piece of mind and are on the water 12+ hours. You’ll run them in series to get 36V and have one of the best battery setups a trolling motor can ask for.

24V Trolling Motor Options

Popular Option - Two 12V 50Ah Ionic Lithium Batteries

Many people find that using two of our 12V 50Ah Ionic lithium batteries wired in series is more than sufficient to power their 24V trolling motor. This setup is popular because it can keep you on the water all day (8 hours), even in windy conditions, without any problems. Like all Ionic batteries,  you can easily monitor the battery charge throughout the day so you know exactly how much power you have left. Check out all of our reviews to see what others say about this setup and why it’s our most popular 24V option.

Convenient Option - One 24V 50Ah Ionic Lithium Battery

For those of you who prefer the simplicity of a single battery, you can opt for our 24V 50Ah Ionic lithium battery, which performs just as well as two 12V 50Ah batteries wired in series.

Tournament Fishing Option - Two 12V 100Ah Ionic Lithium Batteries

For those of you who are looking to fish hard 12+ hours a day, you may want to step up to the Ionic 12V 100Ah lithium batteries and run two of them in series. This will give you plenty of juice to fish all day long, no matter the conditions.

Looking for a lithium cranking battery for your boat?

Check out our 12V 125Ah dual purpose Ionic lithium battery that can power outboard motors up to 250hp.

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The Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Advantage

Still stuck on your old-fashioned lead acid trolling motor battery? Don’t be. Take the dive, and discover just how much of a difference lithium can make in your fishing/boating adventures.

Check out the advantages of lithium for trolling motors below. You’ll soon see why lithium blows the competition out of the water.

Energy Efficient

The proof is in the numbers. Ionic lithium batteries have a usable capacity of 99% of stored capacity, compared to 50-60% for lead acid. They also have the best size/power ratio and a lower discharge rate.

Zero Maintenance

You would squeeze every drop of free time to fish if you could. So don’t waste those precious minutes on battery maintenance. Switch to a lithium trolling motor battery and get rid of expensive, cumbersome battery maintenance for good.

Unbeatable Reliability

You would squeeze every drop of free time to fish if you could. So don’t waste those precious minutes on battery maintenance. Switch to a lithium trolling motor battery and get rid of expensive, cumbersome battery maintenance for good.

Safe for the Environment

Do you love the outdoors? Then you’ll love lithium. It’s the ultimate in “leave no trace” batteries. Our LiFePO4 trolling motor batteries are eco-friendly, leak-free, and safe to store indoors.

Souped-Up for This Century

The best trolling motor battery is the one that rolls with the times. So if you’re looking for the latest in battery technology, you’ve found it right here. We’ve equipped our batteries with Bluetooth monitoring technology that lets you check battery stats right from your phone.

Rapid Charging

A trolling motor battery that charges in just a few hours? It might seem impossible, but that’s what you’ll get with lithium. No more waiting around all day for a full charge. No more canceling a fishing trip because someone forgot to charge the batteries overnight. Just plug ‘em in, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and get out on the water!

Lightweight and Compact

Tired of bulky batteries taking up space and weighing down your boat? Shed the pounds with lithium. Our Ionic lithium batteries weigh up to 70% less than other batteries on the market. They pack just as much charge (or more) into a fraction of the space. Like they say, good things come in small packages!

Long Lifetime

Lithium is the ONLY battery that offers you a whole decade of stress-free power. You shouldn’t even have to think about replacing your boat battery for about 10 years. That’s less battery anxiety and more money in your pocket.

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Got Questions About Your Trolling Motor Battery?

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Looking for the best trolling motor battery for your boat? We’ll point you in the right direction, and help you maximize your boat’s potential.

A Better Battery = A Better Boat

Are you a tournament angler? An occasional fisherman? Either way, you’ll flip over your boat’s enhanced performance when you switch to lithium. Lithium batteries take up less space and weigh up to 70% less than their traditional counterparts. That means you’ll get an increase in top-end speed. Plus, your boat will sit up higher in the water column, allowing you to reach shallow areas to fish.

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LithiumHub Trolling Motor Batteries: A Better Investment

If you’re looking for a highly effective deep-cycle battery for your trolling motor, LithiumHub is the right place to be. With a wide selection of lithium batteries available at 12V, 24V, and 36V outputs, you have all the options you need to fit your specific boat and trolling motor. Within these options, you'll find a perfect solution for just about any boat you can think of.

Our Ionic LiFeP04 batteries provide quick charging and long-lasting power, so you can spend more time enjoying your boat instead of dealing with battery issues.

We get it: you paused when you saw the price. Sure, a lithium trolling motor battery is going to set you back a few more greenbacks than a traditional one. But only at first. They pay off big time in the long-run.

  • Save gas money by stripping weight off your boat.

  • Replace your batteries less. Purchase just one lithium battery in about 10 years, compared to a new lead acid battery every 2-3 years.

  • Waste no time on frustrating battery snafus. Lithium is the most reliable battery on the market.

  • Eliminate battery anxiety with Bluetooth monitoring.

  • Save money by cutting out expensive battery maintenance and repair.

  • Make every adventure better! Enhance your boat’s performance.

  • Enjoy consistent battery output. Spend more time doing what you love!

It’s crystal clear as a pristine lake on a sunny day...Ionic lithium is the best trolling motor battery on the market! Let us help you choose the proper setup for your boat today.


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