Ionic Battery Tray

Made to fit. Built to last.

Our custom-built battery trays are a perfect match for your Ionic lithium batteries. They’re like battery bodyguards, keeping your investment safe, in place, and secure.


  • Made from sturdy 1/4″ aluminium

  • Hand welded and ground smooth

  • Includes rubber pads, mounting screws and battery strap

  • Foolproof fit for our Ionic lithium batteries

  • Available in 7 sizes

  • Fits 12V 50Ah, 12V100Ah/125Ah, or 36V 50Ah batteries

  • 1 year warranty

Why You Need A Battery Tray

Think you don’t need a battery tray? Maybe a friend (or the internet) assured you that bungee cords or zip ties work fine as battery hold downs. But imagine rolling down the trail in your trusty UTV, only to hit a stump and send your battery flying. Or what happens when you hit rough waters aboard your boat? You don’t want your battery sliding around and getting damaged--or damaging everything in its path.

Here’s the bottom line: bungee cords aren’t suitable as battery hold downs. They’re great for holding down a tarp or bundling things together, but they won’t cut it when it comes to costly, valuable cargo. You need a gadget that can withstand wear, tear, and movement.

Luckily, there’s a specialized product that solves this problem, and does it well: a battery tray. It’s a device that can hold batteries in place, even large battery packs.

Use our Ionic battery trays for a single battery, or several batteries in parallel. Our battery trays feature pre-drilled mounting holes, so you can keep your tray as snug as a bug.

Use Our Ionic Battery Tray With...

  • Boats/Trolling motor batteries
  • Lawn mower batteries
  • Side-by-side (UTV) batteries
  • RV batteries
  • Batteries for commercial applications
  • Any application that requires a 12V 50Ah, 12V100Ah/125Ah, or 36V 50Ah battery setup

Besides ensuring your battery would be the ultimate winner in a game of freeze tag, battery trays also keep battery acid from leaking on surfaces or gear. However, that problem doesn’t apply to our Ionic lithium batteries! They don’t contain any acid or toxic chemicals that have the potential to leak. But it’s still important to protect your investment with a battery tray made specifically for lithium batteries.

Key Battery Tray Benefits:

  • Keeps batteries from sliding or flipping out of place.
  • Lets you hold several batteries together.
  • Prevents damage to batteries and surrounding objects.
  • Mounting screws keep the setup fastened to your UTV, boat, or other application.
  • Adjustable straps ensure your battery stays anchored to the tray.

Battery Trays & Boats

Should you use an Ionic battery tray in your boat? The answer is affirmative--but it goes beyond a simple “yes”. You should consider a battery tray a key part of your boat’s electrical system.

Why? First of all, you never know when you’ll encounter rough conditions. It’s important to keep your battery safe! Second, if your deep cycle battery moves from its position, it can’t function. That means your trolling motor may shut off and you’ll lose power to your gadgets. Not good if you’re in the middle of the lake (or a high-stakes competition!). 

Finally, beware of Coast Guard (or other government) regulations. If you don’t secure your batteries the right way while out boating, the Coast Guard could send you right back home. 

Beyond Security

Our battery tray does more than just keep your batteries in place and keeping them from getting damaged. It also helps with...

  • A secure connection

    The tray ensures your battery stays connected to your equipment. You don’t want your battery shaking loose, causing systems to fail!

  • Easy installation

    Our trays make installing and removing your batteries a cinch! When your batteries are in a hard-to-reach area of your boat or vehicle, being able to remove them quickly can be a back saver.

Battery Trays vs Battery Boxes

Of course you can also secure your batteries with a battery box. These plastic boxes are certainly better than using bungee cords or zip ties. But they can’t compare to battery trays, for several reasons:

  1. Battery boxes are closed. This makes reaching your battery terminals difficult. Battery trays are open-sided, allowing for easy access and installation.
  2. Battery trays take up less space.
  3. Our battery trays are made of durable metal, not plastic like most battery boxes.
  4. You only have to lift your battery about an inch to place it in a battery tray. Battery boxes require you to lift the battery up above the high sides of the box. A back saver!

You may need a battery box if you enter a competition and the organizer requires it. But other than that, a battery tray is a far more practical choice.

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Our Lithium LiFePO4 batteries bring you revolutionary technology ahead of its time. As the creators of the Ionic brand, we combine powerful lithium, Grade A battery cells, and Bluetooth monitoring for a battery that lasts longer, works harder, and plays smarter. With LithiumHub, you’re guaranteed 100% US based support, plus a competitive, no-nonsense 11-year warranty.

Ionic Battery Tray Features

What sets Lithium Hub battery trays apart? Find out here:

  • Hand welded and custom built with care.

  • Custom-made for Ionic lithium batteries

  • Stainless steel mounting screws included.

  • Includes J bolts, star knobs with brass insert, and hold down bracket.

  • Padded bottom cushions batteries.

  • Allows for water drainage: perfect for any environment.

  • Available for 1,2, or 3 battery setups.

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