Safety Set Points

Battery Protection Type
Overcharge Protection
Over-charge protection~15.2V-~30.4V-~60.8V-
Over-charge release~14.4V-~28.8V-~57.6V-
Over-charge release release method~<14.4V-~<28.8V-~<57.6V-
Over Discharge Protection
Over-discharge protection~10V-~20V-~40V-
Over-discharge protection~10.5V-~21V-~42V-
Over-discharge release method~<10.5V->~<21V-~<40V-
Over Current Protection
Discharge over current protection
Battery Specific
Protection delay time
Over current release method
Shortcut Circuit Protection
Accidental shorts only (DO NOT SHORT)
Battery Temperature Protection
Charge over temperature protection65±5°C65±5°C65±5°C
Charge over temperature release50±5°C50±5°C50±5°C
Discharge over temperature protection65±5°C65±5°C65±5°C
Discharge over temperature release50±5°C50±5°C50±5°C
Charge low temperature

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