Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Take the course by storm with LiFePO4 36v & 48v batteries. Expertly designed with your golf cart in mind.

Ionic LiFePO4 36V & 48V Golf Cart Batteries

Our simple, plug-and-play LiFePO4 battery pack for golf carts outlasts the competition in performance and precision, lasting 4x as long as lead acid!

These 36 volt and 48 volt lithium batteries are some of the most powerful batteries on today's market. They offer exceptional speed, acceleration, and value for your golf cart, utility vehicle, AGV, and more.

Everything You Need To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To LiFePO4

experience the advantage of ionic brand lithium batteries

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11 year

Buy with confidence with our competitive no-nonsense 11 year warranty.

grade a
cells only

Ionic uses the best cells so your battery lasts longer and performs better.


Monitor your charge at any time from our user-friendly Ionic mobile app.


Ionic batteries are 100% compatible and safe with Yamaha and Mercury motors

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get the battery of tomorrow, today


50 percent lighter


zero maintenance


2x the power


5x faster charging

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Our LiFePO4 batteries bring you revolutionary technology ahead of its time. As the creators of the Ionic brand, we've created a battery that lasts longer, works harder, and plays smarter. How?

By combining the power of lithium, Grade A battery cells, and Bluetooth monitoring. With LithiumHub, you're guaranteed 100% US-based support, plus a competitive, no-nonsense 11-year warranty.

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Benefits

Maintenance Free

No constant checking or watering is needed for your golf cart lithium battery. No extra products need to keep your batteries at their best. Exactly zero maintenance - lithium power saves you time and money!

Lasts 4-6x Longer Than Lead Acid Batteries

With a lifetime this long (4-6 times that of traditional batteries), lithium batteries are a hole-in-one for golf carts cruising the golf course.


Store your 48v and 36v LiFePO4 battery anywhere--even indoors! Your lithium battery is safe for your golf cart, safe for the environment and 100% leak-free.

Up to 70% Lighter Than Lead Acid

Lighter weight means you can go faster in your golf cart, and burn less gas getting there. No more crawling uphill or struggling to accelerate! Gain speed (and carrying capacity for people and gear) with lightweight lithium power.

Drop In Ready

Designed specifically for golf carts, our 48v batteries will fit your vehicle without tray modifications or complicated connections. This lithium battery is plug and play.

15x Lower Discharge Rate

Batteries discharging when not in use? That's as frustrating as a lip out. Lithium batteries discharge just 2% per month, compared to 30% for lead acid.

Charges 4-6x Faster

In the time it takes traditional lead acid batteries to charge (6-12 hours), you could golf 18 holes a few times over! Charge your golf cart battery in as little as an hour or two with lithium, and never overcharge, thanks to our built-in battery management system. Looking for a 48V charger? Here you go!

Run in Parallel

Want to run two 48 volt (or 36 volt) golf cart batteries in parallel? Or maybe you'd like to add a third battery in your lineup, but it's been a couple of years since your initial setup? No problem! Our lithium batteries sync together instantly without complicated connections.

Bluetooth Monitoring

No need to play a betting game. Know exactly how much power is left in your golf cart at all times with our Bluetooth-monitored lithium batteries.

High Discharge Current

These golf cart batteries have a very, very high discharge current. In fact, you'll get up to 500A discharge on a single, lighter-weight and more durable lithium golf cart battery. Want over 1000A discharge on a 48V system? Easy. Just put two batteries in parallel. Still want more? No problem - slap some more batteries in parallel and lo and behold, you get an even higher discharge current.

We'll get you up and running in no time

48 & 36 Volt Golf Cart Batteries: Powerful On Any Terrain

Sure, your cart can get around with those old-fashioned lead acid batteries. But can it make it up the hill without a fight? Can it take on more passengers and gear without turning into a slug on wheels?

Convert your lethargic jalopy into a fierce, agile machine with 36V or 48V lithium batteries. (And a 48V charger/36V charger!)

Experience the lithium battery difference:

  • Consistent performance even when the charge is low.
  • Higher speeds with less effort.
  • No voltage sag when climbing hills.

So what are you waiting for to make the switch? Lithium doesn't mess around--and neither should you.

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Advantages of Using Lithium Batteries in Golf Carts

Taking a quick trip to a small-town store? Renting out carts to customers? Toting your clubs around the course? Whatever the scenario, our lithium 36 and 48 volt golf cart batteries will change the way you move.

Check out the benefits of lithium below, and discover how a new 48v or 36v battery can take your golf cart from “average” to “amazing”!

Zero Maintenance

When we say “zero”, we mean it. No cleaning, watering, or corrosion removal needed. Since LiFePO4 batteries contain lithium iron phosphate instead of acid, they don't require any upkeep.

This means you'll save both time and money. (Which you'd rather spend golfing or getting good use out of your cart, no doubt!)

Stunning Efficiency

Enjoy the same amount of power you would get with a big, back-breaking battery -- in a small, energy-efficient package. Lithium batteries have a 99% charge efficiency, compared to lead acid's 85%.

They also take up less space, and are built to fit perfectly in your golf cart without the need for tray modifications.

Bluetooth Connected

Wouldn't it be nice if batteries were smart, like our TVs, cell phones and home appliances? No need for wishful thinking-- we've made it reality with our Bluetooth-connected lithium batteries.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can see how much power your cart has left, at any time. Our handy app (included) also lets you monitor other important data. Data like voltage, temperature, current, and charging status.

Lightning Fast Charge

Never cancel a golf trip because of a dead lead acid battery again. Since lithium batteries can accept higher charge currents, you can get a full charge for your golf cart in just 2-3 hours. So you can charge quickly for an impromptu trip or have your rental cart ready in a flash for the next customer.

Also, lithium batteries won't overcharge. Our LiFePO4 batteries have a built-in management system to prevent overcharging. So go ahead, and connect them overnight without worrying about accidents or damage.

No Voltage Sag

With lithium, your cart will perform as if the battery's at 100%--even if it's at 50%. That's because lithium batteries keep a consistent output no matter how long you've been running them.

This can come in handy when you've been using your cart all day, but you're heading home--and it's all uphill. Lead acid batteries peter out after discharging 70-75%, but lithium will go strong, all day long.

Clean and Green

Can a battery be eco-friendly? When it’s lithium, it can. Ionic lithium batteries are toxin free. They never leak so you can store them anywhere, even indoors. Also, since they take less time to charge, they use much less energy than lead acid batteries.

Better Carrying Capacity

Want to increase your cart's weight-to-performance ratio? Just switch to lithium batteries. They weigh up to 70% less than lead acid batteries. That means you're getting rid of dead weight that can slow your cart down.

You can carry more people and more gear without turning your cart into a sloth-mobile. Better yet, you can reach higher speeds without a lot less energy and effort.

Shocking Lifespan

Lithium is the Methuselah of batteries. They last around 5,000 cycles, an incredible lifespan for a battery! That's about 10 years, depending on how often you charge them (one cycle = one charge). By comparison, lead acid batteries stay in the game for only 400 cycles, or 2-6 years. That number may be even less if you fail to pamper them with the constant attention they demand.

So even if it costs more than lead acid at first, a lithium golf cart battery will save you big bucks in the long run. And plus, with a 48v setup, you can always add more batteries in parallel as you go. Get ready for ridiculous longevity and superior performance, with the best battery type: lithium.

48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack FAQs

People have been using 36V setups in golf carts for years, and they work quite well. However, a 48V setup does have some advantages over 36V:

  • You can accelerate faster with 48V, thanks to higher low-end torque.

  • A 48V system has more power in general, which comes in handy when you need an extra push to get up a hill.

  • 48V batteries draw less amps. They are more efficient than 36V batteries. This means you can get more hours on a charge.

  • 48V batteries work better than 36V setups for rougher terrain. They allow you to take your golf cart off road and into hilly areas.

Yes, you can connect as many batteries as you need in parallel. Since they’re made specifically for golf carts, our 48 volt golf cart batteries are drop-in ready. You can install them into your cart’s existing hold-down without modifications. You can also add to your cart’s capacity whenever you’re ready, even if it’s a couple of years down the line.

LiFePO4 batteries have a wide variety of advantages over lead acid and AGM batteries. They’re much lighter, for one. And they require no maintenence. They’re also cheaper long term, because of greater efficiency and a longer lifespan.

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Got Questions About Your Golf Cart Battery Setup?

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LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Golf Carts: A Better Investment

48 volt 27ah deep cycle lithium battery

For many years, lead acid batteries were the go-to power source for golf carts. They're still the cheapest option for electric carts and other vehicles--but not in the long run.

As you probably know, cheap (lead acid) doesn't equal quality. So when you choose a lead acid battery because of its lower price tag, the disadvantages are par for the course. (Like shelling out more $ for a new battery when it turns into a toxic-waste disaster).

But if you choose lithium (not lithium ion batteries by the way - LiFePO4) you'll save more in the long run. Why? Because a LiFePO4 battery pack will last about 5,000 cycles, compared to 400 for lead acid. It costs $0 and zero hours to maintain. In the end, lithium golf cart batteries are flawless--like a million-dollar swing.


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