Battery Installation

Equipment needed

Proper personal protective equipment (Ex: Safety Glasses), Insulated wrench, Volmeter or multimeter, Discharge tester (if available), Smart Battery charger.

Battery cable selection and preparation

Battery cables provide the link between the batteries, equipment and charging system. Faulty connections can lead to poor performance and terminal damage, meltdown or fire. To ensure proper connections, please use the following guidelines for cable size. (See Table 1) Table values are for cable lengths less than 6 feet (1829 mm). In series/parallel battery banks, it is preferable for all series cables to be the same length, and all parallel cables to be the same length. Battery cabling should be selected allowing a maximum voltage drop of 2% or less across the entire length of the cable.

Terminal types

Ionic Deep Cycle Batteries are equipped with connection terminals tailored for the most common use of each battery's size and power. Terminal M8 Batteries are equipped with standard posts and battery posts are available as an accessory. (See Figure 1)

14 25
12 30
10 40
8 55
6 75
4 95
2 130
1 150
0 170
00 195
0000 260


Terminal F2

12 Volt 6Ah, 12Volt 9Ah & 12Volt 12Ah Batteries

Terminal F8

12 Volt 20Ah & 24Volt 10Ah Batteries

Terminal M6

12 Volt 30Ah

Terminal M6 with Battery Post (Optional Accessory)

12 Volt 30Ah & 24Volt 50Ah Batteries

Terminal 3/8 UNC Threads

12Volt 50Ah, 12Volt 80Ah, 100Ah & 125Ah, 24 Volt 50Ah & 48 Volt 25Ah Batteries

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