12 Volt Lithium Lawn Mower Batteries

Turn your tired old trimmer into a green eating machine with the best lawn mower starter battery available.

The Best Lawn Mower Battery on the Market

Everyone loves a beautiful, freshly cut lawn. But a mower cutting out on you sure cuts back on the fun. So why not get on the “cutting edge” of technology? Soup up your machine with a reliable lithium starter battery today!


Maintenance Free

More maintenance? You do enough of that already, keeping your lawns pristine. Save time and money with the battery that requires NO watering or upkeep of any kind. And it even features a special Emergency Start function! How’s that for dependability?

Up to 70% Lighter

Huffing and puffing while pushing your electric mower? Experiencing drag in your riding mower from those heavy lead acid batteries? Switch to lithium and reduce up to 70% of the weight!

15x Lower Discharge Rate

A lithium 12 volt lawn mower battery will discharge just 2% per month, compared to 30% for a similar lead acid battery. Your battery will be ready to work when you are!

Bluetooth Monitoring

Cut out the guesswork while you cut the grass. Our lithium batteries are Bluetooth capable. You can see how much charge is left at any time, right from your phone.

Charges 4-6x Faster

There’s grass to mow, and no time to waste. Don’t chop away at your precious time with slow-charging batteries. With lithium, you can charge up in just an hour or two.

Drop In Ready

When you’re ready to replace your old batteries with new lithium ones, so are they. Our 12 volt lawn mower batteries are drop-in ready. No need for modifications.

Run in Parallel

No need for complicated connections. Our lithium lawn mower batteries can sync together in parallel to suit any machine.

Lasts 4-6x Longer

You need a battery that will last as long as your mower--or longer! LiFePO4 batteries have a lifetime 4-6x as long as lead acid.


Keep the chemicals off your yard, and enjoy 100% leak-free power. Lithium batteries are eco-safe, and you can store them anywhere-- even indoors.

Lithium 12 Volt Lawn Mower Batteries Get the Job Done Right

Time is money. So turn that greenery into greenbacks by getting the job done, swiftly and efficiently. But how will lithium batteries save you time?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s how:

  • Lithium batteries get rid of battery woes. No more dead batteries, or batteries that won’t start. Lithium is as reliable as they come.
  • You can unload up to 70% of the weight of your equipment when you switch from lead acid to lithium. This translates to a faster machine, and a job done faster.
  • Lithium lawn mower batteries are the fastest charging batteries out there. Reduced downtime means your machines will be available for use when you need them!

So what are you waiting for to make the switch? Lithium doesn’t mess around--and neither should you.

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Advantages of Lithium Lawn Mower Batteries

Tired of finicky mowers that seem to start only when the mood strikes them? Want a starter battery that will get your machine going, even with a battery reserve as low as 20%?

Whether you’re running a commercial lawn mowing business, or tackling your own unruly backyard, you need a battery that doesn’t kick the bucket when the job’s half done. You need an ionic lithium battery that’s built to be reliable.

But reliability is just one of the many advantages of these batteries. Discover more incredible benefits below:

No Maintenance, Ever

Cut the grass, rake it, pile it up, scoop it into bags...add battery maintenance to that, and your “one hour job” has turned into two. If there’s one thing that makes lithium so popular for lawn mowers, it’s that they need ZERO upkeep. They contain lithium iron phosphate, not acid, so no need for special storage or adding water.

Consistent Output

You’ve got work to do. Between you and your battery, you’re the only one who should be tired after an hour of mowing. Voltage sag is a nightmare, especially when heading up a hill. Thankfully, lithium batteries provide consistent output, even when they’ve been discharged to 50%. If you want your mower to stay strong all day long, lithium’s the clear choice.

Energy Efficient

They say “good things come in small packages”. That couldn’t be more true for lithium batteries. That’s because the best lawn mower battery isn’t the biggest, but the smallest! A lithium 12 volt lawn mower battery offers 99% charge efficiency. Compare that to lead acid’s 85%. Plus, lithium packs all this efficient power into a package half the size of a traditional battery. Not to mention the fact that decreased weight = decreased energy use and less gas usage. If your mower uses gas, shedding weight with lithium batteries will save you time and money in the long run.

Green as Grass

Leaky batteries can harm your lawn, your home, and the environment. Lead acid batteries may be cheap, but they contain chemicals you wouldn’t want to end up in your yard or garage. So maybe it’s time to switch to eco-friendly lithium batteries. They’re toxin free and 100% leak proof, so you can store them anywhere. Also, they charge fast, reducing the amount of energy (and fossil fuels) needed to charge them.

Incredible Features

Our LiFePO4 batteries go much further than the extra mile. They’re bluetooth capable, which means you can check your battery’s reserve with just a few taps on your smartphone. But that’s not the only special feature. Our starter batteries for lawn mowers also include a built-in Emergency Start function. By activating this feature, you can start your machine with a battery reserve as low as 20%. This type of battery also has four post poles to make polarity easier, since cable reach can sometimes be limited.

Better Weight-to-Performance Ratio

Say goodbye to strained backs from maneuvering corners and climbing hills. You can make both push and riding mowers function better with lithium. A LiFePO4 12 volt lawn mower battery can weigh up to 70% less than a lead acid battery providing the same power. It’s also a lot smaller! Plus, if your mower uses gas, you’ll save on fuel costs. For businesses, this means more work done, and more profits. For individuals, it means more time for all the other things on your to-do list.

Fast, Worry-Free Charging

What’s the best lawn mower battery? The one that charges fast and does its job without you having to worry about it, of course. And that’s exactly what LiFePO4 lithium batteries offer: zero battery babysitting! The built-in management system prevents overcharging, so you can “set it and forget it”. Also, lithium can accept higher charge currents, so these batteries can be ready to go in just 1-3 hours.

Longer Lifespan

Sure, lead acid batteries are budget-friendly. But are they a true bargain? Not if you take their lifespan into account. They last 400 cycles (2-6 years depending on use). But they’ll last even less if you don’t give them attention. They’re like the azalea, a high maintenance houseplant that’s a no-go for brown thumbs. Lithium, on the other hand, lasts 5,000 cycles, or about 10 years. You might compare it to a cactus that won’t die on even the most neglectful plant parent.

Got Questions About Your Lawn Mower Battery?

Looking for the best lawn mower battery for your machine? We’ll point you in the right direction, and help you maximize your mower’s potential.

The Best Lawn Mower Battery: A Comparison

So you’re searching for the best lawn mower battery. How do lithium batteries measure up against other common battery types? What kind of advantages can lithium have for your mower?

Here’s a quick comparison:

Lead Acid

Did you know that the number one reason why lawn mowers cut out is because of faulty batteries? And the number one faulty battery is....lead acid. Besides sketchy reliability, lead acid batteries have other disadvantages: they’re large, heavy, and time consuming to maintain and charge. Their one advantage? They have the lowest price tag of any battery type.


Gel batteries are an improvement over lead acid because they contain silicates (the “gel”) that make them less prone to damage. They also have a low discharge rate (1%). However, they aren’t enough of an improvement to make them worth the price, which is double that of lead acid. They offer lower capacity for the same amount of space, and need a special charger.

Low Run-time Lithium Batteries

Not all lithium batteries are built alike. Some lithium batteries (like the ones that may come with electric lawn mowers) offer less than an hour of run time. Others require a 4 hour charge just to run for an hour or less.

Our LiFePO4 12 volt lawn mower battery will blow other batteries out of the yard. They offer so much more than your average ionic lithium battery. You’ll get high capacity with a smaller size and less weight. You can enjoy better maneuverability and zero voltage sag. And to top it all off, our batteries are Bluetooth equipped and include an Emergency Start function. To use it, you simply click the start button for an extended period of time or by tapping a few buttons on your phone, thanks to our Ionic App. It’s as easy as that!

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The LiFePO4 12 Volt Lawn Mower Battery: A Better Investment

Is a 12 volt lawn mower battery from LithiumHub worth the initial investment? Just how much of a difference will switching to lithium make? With so many money-saving advantages, your lithium battery will pay for itself. But don’t take our word for it. Power your mower with lithium today, and experience the best for yourself.

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