Semi Truck Batteries

Revolutionary and the only one of its kind - power your rig with a reliable LiFeP04 semi truck battery.

Here are a few reasons why switching to this battery is a no-brainer:

  • Incredible weight savings - more power, reliability, and features with half the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • 3,000 cranking amps - One of the most powerful batteries in the world. That’s unheard of for a battery of this size. 
  • Comes with a built-in heating system that’s perfect for charging in cold conditions.
  • Built-in BMS (battery management system) ensures your battery won’t overcharge/undercharge.
  • Ability to monitor the status of your battery at any time - with Bluetooth capabilities on your phone.
  • With Group 31 sizing, no modifications are necessary and installation is easy.
  • And so many more reasons!

Pick the Perfect Fit for Your Semi Truck or Machinery

Our reliable LiFeP04 starter batteries are perfect for big rigs, especially ones that are up to 16L in size. From long haulers to day cabs, dump trucks, dozers, excavators, skid steers, and many rigs in between. And they work for both gas and diesel-powered vehicles. Have a large maritime vessel? Use our starter battery to fire up large boat engines as well. Order your new battery today!


No Maintenance

Lead-acid batteries require upkeep while lithium semi truck batteries are maintenance-free. One less thing to add to your to-do list and worry about while out on the road.

Up to 50% Lighter

For day cabs it’s not uncommon to replace four lead-acid batteries with only ONE lithium LiFeP04 battery. For long-haulers, two LiFeP04 batteries are probably your best bet. Either way, you’ll enjoy an awesome reduction in weight thanks to a minimal amount of batteries, and less weight per battery. We stock batteries that weigh about 50% less than typical lead-acid.

Lower Discharge Rate

Tired of your batteries discharging when not in use? Lead-acid batteries have the tendency to discharge at an alarming rate, sometimes near 30% over the course of a month. On the flip side, lithium discharges less than 3% per month.

Bluetooth Monitoring

This is a game-changer. With Bluetooth monitoring, you can monitor the health of your battery right from your smartphone. You can also take advantage of your battery’s Emergency Start function by using the Bluetooth App. By simply long-pressing the start button on the “IonicRedBattery” App you can fire your engine back up in an instant, thanks to your 25% reserve power. You can also activate the Emergency Start by long pressing a button on the battery. The choice is up to you!

Charges Fast

While a lead-acid battery has a charge efficiency of around 85%, lithium will charge up to 99%, and charge up to 6 times faster.

Simple to Swap Out

Lithium semi truck batteries use the same posts as traditional lead-acid batteries so no modifications are needed. And with Group 31 sizing, it should be a perfect fit for most commercial applications. So once you’re ready to make the swap it’s as easy as replacing them.

Run in Parallel

Our starter battery features 3/8th thread posts, which makes connecting batteries in parallel for more power much easier. It also has car posts, so it can be used for cars as well. No complicated connections here.

Lasts Longer

Our high-quality lithium semi truck batteries last a whopping 4x longer than typical lead acid batteries or AGM batteries. When you spend hours upon hours of your life on the road, that’s significant.

Better for the Environment

With rules and regulations constantly changing, it only makes sense to go with the more environmentally-friendly option from the get-go. LiFeP04 batteries are non-toxic and don’t give off harmful toxins and fumes.

Lithium Semi Truck Starter Batteries Get the Job Done Right

Who wants to get stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery? Time is money and we know that’s the last place you want to spend your afternoon (or even worse, your evening).

Now reducing weight and increasing your battery’s longevity is huge but the potential safety benefits are what make this battery stand out.

Our starter batteries come with practical, anxiety-reducing capabilities. For one, our starter batteries come with an Emergency Start/Reserve function. By utilizing this feature you can rely on your battery to reserve 25% of your battery as an emergency backup. Simply press the button on the “IonicRedBattery” App to jumpstart your battery or long-press a button on the battery to fire it back up.

And charging in the cold is no problem either, thanks to our built-in heater system. Reduce service calls and keep things moving thanks to lithium.

Interested in making the switch to lithium? Purchase yours today.

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Advantages of Lithium Semi Truck Batteries

Semi trucks distribute goods across the country, all day, every day. And yellow iron equipment literally shifts the soil. What would we do without the good men and women that help make our country function?

As a driver, you deserve the peace of mind that you’ve got a reliable battery underneath your hood. If the truck’s not working, it’s no good to anyone and can even pose a safety hazard.

That’s why we’ve created semi truck batteries (and for other large rigs too) that are steadfast, reliable, and sturdy. With their lightweight design, easy-to-install features, and zero-maintenance assurance, you can worry less about reaching your next destination. And they even work well in cold-weather temperatures thanks to their built-in heating system. Another win!

Sure, you can probably get by with old-fashioned lead-acid batteries, but maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe it’s time your battery meets the 21st century.

Experience the difference with a lithium semi truck battery:

  • Comes with a built-in emergency start/reserve function, which saves the last 25% of your remaining battery for emergency use. To utilize, just click a button on your smartphone (via our App) and you can jump-start your vehicle in an instant. Or long press a button on the battery itself, to activate the reserve. It’s as easy as that!
  • Has 3,000 cold cranking amps which is essentially unheard of. Most batteries this size feature 1,200 cranking amps.
  • Features a built-in heater system to allow for charging in cold conditions.
  • Use fewer batteries – 2 for a sleeper, and 1 for a day cab. You would typically need 4 lead-acid batteries to do the same thing.
  • Can be connected in series for 24V equipment.
  • With Group 31 sizing, it’s easy to connect. No modifications needed – simply replace your old battery with lithium.
  • Comes with a built-in BMS (battery management system).
  • Can connect up to four batteries in series.
  • Discharges less than 3% per month.
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes viewing your battery stats easy.
  • Has an impressive 5 year warranty.

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