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    LithiumHub batteries are built tough, from materials you can count on. But great quality is just the beginning. We’re constantly chasing after innovative ways to make our batteries safer, smarter, and more efficient.

    Best Batteries for Semi Trucks

    best batteries for semi trucks

    You could reasonably argue the phrase “keep on truckin’” had to come from semi trucks. And since semi trucks are always on the go, they’ll need the most reliable components to ensure that they can do just that. But without the best of the best semi truck batteries, your trip could come to a screeching halt.

    What makes one semi truck battery better than another? Read on to discover some of the top semi truck batteries that are perfect for any truck driver – and how to recognize a good one when you see it.

    How to Figure Out Which Battery is Best

    If you’ve never shopped for a semi truck battery replacement before, you may not fully understand some of the terms you’re looking at. Here’s a quick glance at some of the details behind different batteries and what they mean.

    Amp Hour Rating

    Amp hour ratings tell you how much power the truck battery can hold. The higher the rating, the larger capacity the battery has to hold energy. This usually translates to your battery needing to be charged less often . The rating is measured over a longer discharge period.

    CCA Rating

    The CCA rating, or cold cranking amps rating, tells you how much energy the engine needs to start in colder weather. Higher CCAs tell you the battery will produce power faster, so batteries with high CCA ratings are better for colder climates. Keep an eye on this number if you travel to colder places often.

    Voltage Rating

    This rating tells you what the largest amount of voltage the battery can handle before it’s damaged. Make sure your truck runs below the voltage rating of your new battery.

    best batteries for semi trucks consider

    Other Determining Factors

    Everything listed above is important to think about, but there are many other elements to consider before making your battery selection. Let’s take a closer look at what else you should mull over before you buy your semi truck battery replacement.


    We can’t discuss new batteries without bringing up the price. For many, price is the first and main thing they look at before making a purchase. But price often ties in directly with the batteries performance or lifespan. So even if you want to save some money, make sure your battery still suits all of your needs. And if you’re having to buy a new battery far too often, surely there’s a better option out there?

    Brand Recognition

    Brand names aren’t everything, but reputation is. Most reputable brands are as popular as they are because they make quality products. Make sure you’re purchasing your batteries from a brand that has good customer reviews and is known for their quality.


    Perhaps the most important aspect of all – will the battery fit in your truck? Check the engine’s measurements and power needs before you buy. Doing so will help prevent you buying an unusable semi truck battery.

    Maintenance Needs

    Nobody likes a needy battery. But many of them require some occasional maintenance. Some may even need a lot of attention if they’re older or cheaper. Consider how much effort you’re willing to put in before choosing your new semi truck battery replacement.

    The Main Options for Semi Truck Battery Replacement

    Now that we’ve covered what most people think about when shopping for batteries, it’s time to look at the different types of batteries. Here are the most common and some of the best semi truck batteries available on the market.

    Flooded and AGM Batteries

    While these batteries are usually the most popular, it’s tough to say that they’re considered the “best.” It’s not that they won’t get the job done. But since they use older technology, they’ll need more maintenance and are much less likely to perform well consistently.

    These batteries are currently reigning supreme for one significant reason: they’re affordable. However, once you start adding in maintenance and how fast you may need to replace them, it’s not necessarily the right call for every driver.

    They do have decent versatility, and since they’re everywhere, it’s not hard to find a serviceable one. But you’ll have to pay attention to them, as any corrosion from the batteries can damage your truck.

    These two battery types are similar, but AGM batteries won’t have the same corrosion issues. That feature makes them slightly more expensive, but it could be worth it if you don’t want to deal with the constant maintenance.

    best batteries for semi trucks major upgrade

    Gel Batteries

    These batteries contain an electrolyte gel. They’re a lot like acid batteries, but they have the bonus of performing better in many different environments. Gel batteries are popular among truck drivers.

    But they’re still far from perfect as they can be sensitive to overcharging.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Batteries

    These batteries are the black sheep of the semi truck battery choices. They generate power through hydrogen, not carbon-intensive fuels.

    While this can sound like a good thing, it’s not clear whether or not these are more efficient than an electric-powered truck. They’re losing popularity quickly, so it could be hard to find one. It’s more likely than not that it’ll be next to impossible to find one in a few years.

    Lithium Semi Truck Batteries

    Lithium batteries are a major upgrade from virtually every other option out there. They’re essentially the polar opposite of the flooded and AGM options. Made with future technology in mind and with better overall energy efficiency and performance, these batteries are worth the investment.

    They’re also maintenance-free and have a lower discharge rate, so there’s so much less to worry about when you’re on the road. And the technology is equally as impressive; use Bluetooth monitoring to fire your engine with a quick button press, activate the Emergency Start, and check the health of your battery all in one easy-to-use app.

    Leave Concerns in the Dust With LithiumHub Semi Truck Batteries

    Lithium batteries easily score high marks as one of the top contenders for the best semi truck batteries. And it’s a well-deserved crown; they make life easier for truckers, keeping maintenance low and performance high. They’re worth the investment for how flexible and stress-free they make your driving experience. Here are a few other benefits:

    • With 25% of your battery reserved for emergency use, simply press a button on your smartphone (using our App) or long-press a button on the battery itself to take advantage of your battery’s built-in emergency start function. No need to call for service!
    • Comes with 3,000 cranking amps, which is essentially unheard of in the industry.
    • Features a built-in heater system, so charging in cold environments is possible.
    • Also comes with a built-in BMS (battery management system) and Bluetooth capabilities.

    LithiumHub is proud to present this new technology to semi truck drivers. With Group 31 sizing, the switch is easy! These revolutionary batteries are incredibly versatile, better for the environment, and charge quickly.

    Don’t skip over lithium batteries for your semi-truck. Consider all the ways this top-tier battery can change the way you think about driving. The best semi truck battery is within reach!

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