Series and Parallel Connection


  • Utilize an Insulated wrench and do not over Torque any screw connectors
  • Connect the positive red wires to the positive (+) red terminals on the battery and connect the negative (-) black wires to the black terminals.
  • If of the terminal, and the washer is placed on top of the wire connection. Do not place washer between the battery terminal and the battery wire, which creates high resistance and can cause terminal meltdown. It is important that fasteners be tightened to the appropriate torque for each terminal type.
  • Table values are for cable lengths less than 6 feet (1829 mm). In series/parallel battery banks, it is preferable for all series cables to be the same length, and all parallel cables to be the same length. (See TABLE 1, PAGE 6)

Be sure to turn off all electrical components before wiring.


Your Ionic battery has a protection circuit that will attempt to put the battery in “sleep mode” if you have a short circuit, over/under voltage situation, have reversed the polarity or you pulled too much current(overload). The Battery Management System(BMS) may not be able to protect the battery from damage in all circumstances. Assuming the Battery Management System(BMS) was successful in protecting the battery and it was not damaged, you may need to “wake” up the battery. You can trigger the BMS to wake up the battery buy trying the following:

  1. You could try using a different power supply(charger), some are better at triggering a wake-up.
  2. Apply a small load like a low power light or appliance.
  3. Put the battery in parallel with a second battery. Positive post to positive post, negative post to negative post.


Applications often demand more voltage or ampere capacity than the capacity of one battery. By connecting multiple batteries in series, parallel or series parallel configurations, you are able to increase the output voltage or battery bank amperage as needed. To increase voltage, batteries are connected in series. Capacity of the battery bank remains the same as voltage increases.To increase the available amount of current and capacity, batteries are connected in parallel. In this situation it is best to use lower voltage, higher capacity cells to minimize the amount of parallel strings. Select Ionic Batteries are capable of Series connections.