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We have 24V batteries for solar, marine, work, and more. Our 24V batteries are perfect for bass boats, trolling motors, RVs, and solar applications. They can even be used to power commercial equipment like floor sweepers, UPS systems, and small forklifts.

There are countless reasons to go with a 24 Volt battery, especially when space is limited. We’re here to share with you the many many benefits!


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Ionic batteries are 100% compatible and safe with Yamaha and Mercury motors

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The Many Benefits Of Going With A 24 Volt Lithium Battery

A 24V lithium battery is an absolute game-changer. Compare the benefits of our 24V battery with your current lead acid battery and you’ll see - there’s no contest:

  • On average, lithium batteries weigh 70% less than lead-acid batteries. Our 24V 10Ah battery weighs just 6.6lbs. And our powerful 24 Volt 50Ah battery comes in at an impressive 32 pounds. Lead-acid tips the scales, lithium decreases it.
  • More convenient. Instead of operating two 12V batteries, just use one 24V battery. This also means fewer connection points, more space, and less headache. Not to mention less wires getting tangled up in your boat or RV! 
  • Need more amps or voltage? Run your batteries in parallel or series, no problem.
  • With M6 screws and no worries about leaks, you can install your batteries in any direction you’d like. Welcome words when it comes to smaller space or powering a lot of equipment like lights, TVs, or a GPS. 
  • Longer life - Lithium batteries last 2-4x longer than lead acid. That equals 3,000-5,000 partial cycles, or 10+ calendar years.
  • Bluetooth technology - Easily monitor the status of your batteries with our user-friendly App. One glance shows the remaining charge, cell performance, charging temperature, & more.
  • Built-in Battery Management System - This protects your battery from over & under charging. If charging conditions are unsafe, this will keep your battery safe.
  • Flexible uses - Our 24 volt batteries are ideal for marine use, lift gates, UPS systems, solar systems, RVs, and more!
  • 11-Year no-nonsense warranty
  • No maintenance needed, unlike thirsty lead-acid batteries

Is A Lithium 24V Battery Right For You?

Maybe you’re new to lithium batteries. Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current system. In either case, LithiumHub has two 24V lithium batteries to choose from, depending upon your battery power needs. And remember, these batteries can be hooked up in series or parallel for added juice. Here they are:

24 Volt Batteries

Both are designed to power independently. But they can also be connected in series or parallel for added flexibility. Our Ionic deep-cycle batteries give you more opportunities to do what you love, without worrying about battery mishaps. They won’t leak and they don’t require maintenance. They also have 2x the power and charge 5x faster. What could be better than that?

Now that you know that there are tons of benefits of going with a lithium battery, let’s look at some of the ways you can use them:

RV Living

Long life, non-toxic, and maintenance-free are qualities to look for in your mobile living space. Our lithium batteries can be configured to power your system while out on the road. You never know what the weather will be like, but with our built-in Battery Management System (BMS) your battery will be protected from overcharging and under-charging. In extreme hot or cold temperatures, it won’t accept a charge until it’s safe to do so. So no babysitting your battery, your BMS has you taken care of.

Just plug in and play!

Our Guide To Choosing The Right RV Battery


You’re winning any time you can reduce boat weight, right? Our 24 volt battery is 70% lighter than a lead-acid battery. This lets you travel faster and stay on the water longer. You’ll have more storage room thanks to the smaller size, too. Plus, Bluetooth technology won’t leave you high and dry. Need to charge your batteries for the next day’s tournament? You’ll be ready. But instead of taking all night, it will only take a couple of hours. A lithium battery charges 4x faster than a typical lead acid battery.

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Solar Energy Set-Ups

A 24 volt battery can be used to store solar energy obtained from solar panels. Energy you can easily use to power your RV, tiny house, and more. The best part? The energy can be stored until it’s time to use it. Our Ionic lithium 24V battery only discharges between 1-3% per month. That’s an incredibly low discharge rate compared to other battery types. Lithium for the win!

RV solar battery charger held by woman.

Commercial Equipment

Need more power? Our batteries can be run in series or parallel to deliver clean, reliable power. Drop-in replacement paired with parallel capabilities means your equipment is always ready to work as hard as you do! Lawnmowers, forklifts, scrubbers, and more charge 4-6 times faster than ordinary lead-acid batteries. No more waiting around while equipment charges. And our lithium batteries are non-toxic for a safer work environment.

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Power Up With Lithium

Still have questions or need feedback about LithiumHub’s 24 volt batteries? We’re here to help get things squared away, so you can see and experience the difference of lithium. Reach out to our support team for more information. Once you start living the lithium life, it’s easy livin’!

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And remember, both our 24 Volt 10Ah and 24 Volt 50 Ah batteries come with an impressive 11-year warranty!


We’re always adding incredible lithium products to our lineup. Want to be the first to know when they drop? Sign up for LithiumHub updates, and get the inside scoop on exclusive deals and exciting new additions.

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