Do I Need a Battery Monitoring System? (Spoiler Alert: Not With Ionic!)

Do I Need a Battery Monitoring System? So you’re building a battery system for your RV, bass boat, or off-grid cabin. You know you need batteries and a charger, but what about a battery monitoring system? Is that necessary when you use lead acid batteries? Do you need a lithium […]

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Motorhome Batteries – What You Need To Know

What’s the best part about owning a home on wheels, otherwise known as an RV or motorhome? You can leave city lights behind and sleep under the stars. Breathe fresh forest air and wake up to the sound of singing birds. Enjoy campfire-cooked meals and refreshing lake swims. All this…while […]

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Thinking About Installing A Kayak Trolling Motor Battery?

Installing a Kayak Trolling Motor Battery Want to upgrade your kayak in an instant? Add a trolling motor and a kayak trolling motor battery. With a kayak battery, you can cover more water and catch more fish. There are many advantages to installing a kayak trolling motor battery. Want to […]

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Get Ready For Spring – Tips For Dewinterizing An RV!

How to Dewinterize Your RV As the last of the snow melts, there’s hardly anything we look forward to more than spring camping trips. But before you can bring your RV out of hibernation, you have to do a little “spring cleaning” and maintenance. This is also known as “dewinterizing” […]

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How to Boondock in an RV: The Basics

How to Boondock in an RV Wish you could travel anywhere in the great outdoors and never pay for a hotel or campsite?  You can–if you’re boondocking in an RV. Boondocking is a mystery to many camping enthusiasts but it doesn’t have to be! So let’s blow this little-known camping […]

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How a Lightweight Deep Cycle Battery Boosts Performance

How a Lightweight Deep Cycle Battery Boosts Performance Ever seen a picture of the first computer? The ENIAC, built during World War II, was humongous. It weighed a whopping 30 tons! Imagine putting that on your desk…or lap. Thank goodness for the lightweight computers we have nowadays. Batteries have gone […]

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Are Lithium Batteries Better?

Are Lithium Batteries Better? Most of us are creatures of habit. We’ve been using the same kinds of lures and bait for years. Our favorite fishing poles are practically an extension of our hands, they’ve been with us so long. But sometimes it’s in our best interest to trade in […]

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What’s The Best Marine Battery Charger?

What’s The Best Marine Battery Charger? When it comes to boat batteries, a good charge is like a full gas tank. You’ll want a full “tank” if you want to enjoy a complete, carefree day on the lake. Plus, a full charge ensures you have enough power to get back […]

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How To Charge RV Batteries Safely & Effectively

You’re back from your hike and it’s time to crank up the fan and warm up a meal in your RV microwave. Except…they’re not working. What gives? Turns out your house battery is as dead as a crunchy leaf in autumn. Someone forgot to charge it again! Speaking of charging […]

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Choosing The Right Travel Trailer Battery – The Basics

RV Battery Guide: Choosing the Right Travel Trailer Battery Travel trailers don’t move on their own. You “trail” them behind a truck. So they don’t need a battery, right? Wrong. They have essential electrical components that keep you and other motorists safe on the road. Namely, electric wheel brakes. These […]

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