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    Portable Power Stations For Camping, Overlanding & Emergencies

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    Portable Power Stations For Camping, Overlanding & Emergencies

    Ahh…the great outdoors. An adventure outside the city is the perfect time to connect with nature and disconnect from our gadgets. But let’s get real here. Is that really possible?

    Your Guilty Pleasure (or Absolute Necessity) for All Off-Grid Adventures

    Today, it’s almost unthinkable to leave your cell phone behind when you head off on a camping trip (or even just a grocery run, for that matter). What if someone needs to get in touch with you? What if you’re stuck in an emergency situation? Being truly disconnected isn’t always practical in today’s world. Portable power is a perk, at very least.

    There are also times when power is an absolute must. Maybe you’re trying to hold down a job while living out your nomadic dream, and need portable power for your laptop. Perhaps you live in an area with shaky electricity, and need an emergency power station to power a life-saving oxygen pump or CPAP machine. Or, like many, you just want a trustworthy portable power supply for camping or overlanding. 

    The good news is that you can have power whenever and wherever you need it with a lithium portable power station. Once you learn how practical and easy to use these units are, you’ll want to take one with you wherever you roam. 

    Your Portable Power Station for Camping – How it Works

    A portable power station is basically a big, lightweight battery. You can use it to charge or power small electronics like these:

    • Cell phones
    • Laptops
    • Fans
    • TV
    • Tablets
    • Cameras
    • GoPro
    • Drones
    • Speakers
    • Lights
    • Life-saving devices like oxygen pumps or CPAP machines

    To charge your power bank before you leave home, just plug it in a regular wall outlet. It will be juiced up and ready to go in just a few hours. Or, connect it to a portable solar panel to charge it on the go. Your emergency power station will then store the sun’s energy so you can use it whenever you need it. 

    Since it’s built with lithium, our MobilePower Portable Power Bank provides safe, fume-free power. It weighs only 4.85 lbs, so you can toss it in your bag, or grab it by the handle and carry it wherever you need it. It can power more than one device at once, so you won’t have to turn off your fan in the sweltering heat so you can charge your laptop. The best way to run several devices at once is by connecting your mobile power unit to a portable solar panel (more about those below). 

    Keep in mind that a lithium portable power station won’t run high-load devices like refrigerators or space heaters — that’s a job for a generator. But it can go places where a generator can’t: 

    • In your backpack
    • In your tent 
    • In your car
    • In your cabin 

    The possibilities are endless. 

    How long will a portable power supply unit last?

    That depends on the devices you want to charge and use, and on how long you’ll use them. But a mobile power unit with 222wH capacity can last the whole weekend if you just want to charge your laptop and cell phone, and longer if you recharge it daily with portable solar panels. 

    Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium batteries don’t discharge rapidly when they’re not in use. So you can charge your lithium portable power station and store it for a few months without needing to recharge it. Since lithium doesn’t degrade rapidly, you can also expect it to last 2-4x longer than a lead acid battery unit. 

    Create Your Own Portable Solar Power Station For Camping (& Everything Else)

    A portable power supply for camping is as useless as a dried-up lake when it’s empty. So you’ll need to find a way to give it some juice while on longer trips. That’s where the sun comes in. 

    Like Oprah and her endless supply of handouts, you can get all the free energy you need from Mr. Sun. Just connect your lithium portable power station up to one of these simple solar panels and voila! Free power for you…and you..and you! 

    The best type of portable solar panel is the kind that’s water resistant and can fold up into a bag. That way you can take it along on a boat trip or pop it into your backpack while hiking. 

    Charging your portable power station with solar panels takes just a few hours. You can also use your solar panel to recharge a deep cycle lithium battery (lithium RV batteries, fishing kayak batteries, marine batteries, scooter batteries, etc). 

    Pro tip: A portable solar power station gives you access to your own personal stream of renewable energy. Cut down on your energy consumption by using the sun to charge your everyday items instead of plugging them in at home. 

    Portable Power For Camping (& Everything Else)

    With a lithium portable power station, you can use your small electronic devices even when you’re miles from the grid. You’ll have mobile power for camping, overlanding, boondocking, and hiking, or for the following situations:

    • Glamping (like camping, but with all the luxuries of home!)
    • Work on the go
    • Backup power in bad weather
    • Living off the grid
    • Freelancing
    • RV trips
    • Nature photography
    • Outdoor filming
    • Boat trips
    • City power failures
    • When no outlets are available in a building 
    • Setting up holiday lights without using extensions

    Learn more about the MobilePower Portable Power Bank! 

    Don’t forget to add solar batteries and solar panels for longer-lasting power! Check out the 40W and 20W models. 

    Learn more about lithium batteries here:

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