In this post: Eco Friendly RV Tips: RV Solar Panels, Energy Efficient Batteries, and More
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    LithiumHub batteries are built tough, from materials you can count on. But great quality is just the beginning. We’re constantly chasing after innovative ways to make our batteries safer, smarter, and more efficient.

    Eco Friendly RV Tips: RV Solar Panels, Energy Efficient Batteries, and More

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    Eco Friendly RV Tips: Organic Solar, Energy Efficient Batteries & More

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    Does your eco friendly RV need to be more eco friendly? If so, you’re in the right place.

    You wouldn’t toss a bucket of bleach on your favorite houseplant. Or doodle on your brand new car with your keys. We take good care of what we love! So why should it be any different with our planet? For all those adventurers out there who want to preserve nature while enjoying RV living, here are our favorite tips for an eco friendly RV. 

    The Organic, Eco Friendly RV – Tips & Tricks

    Yes, you can indulge your RV wanderlust and go green at the same time. Here’s how:

    Cut Down on Fossil Fuels

    You’re probably aware that RVs have a voracious appetite for fuel. That’s neither eco friendly nor wallet friendly. Since the average diesel RV gets you only about 8-14 miles per gallon, maximizing fuel efficiency is a must. Try these RV tips to cut down on gas:

    • Choose a smaller vehicle. If you’re in the market for an RV and want to reduce gas consumption as much as possible, opt for a smaller class C RV, or even a van-style class B. The larger the rig, the more gas it guzzles.
    • Keep up-to-date with maintenance. Minor tweaks can make a huge difference. For example, keeping your tires properly inflated can improve gas mileage up to 3%
    • Switch to biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel made from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. Not all gas stations offer it at present. But it’s growing in popularity, and you can use this handy online tool to locate an alternative fueling station near you. 
    • Go easy on the gas pedal. Slow down and take in the grandeur of the scenic route. By accelerating less and maintaining moderate speed, you can save fuel. The sweet spot for RVs is 55 to 60 mph.
    • Travel light. Pack only the essentials for your trip. Dead weight slows down your RV and will cost you more in fuel.

    Pro Tip: Switch to lithium RV batteries and reduce the weight on your hitch by up to 70%. Ionic lithium RV batteries weigh 1/2 as much as lead acid batteries with equal capacity.

    Charge Your Gadgets With The Power Of The Sun

    Most of us have a slew of gadgets we use on the daily. Think cellphones, laptops, cameras, and more. And since they all require a charge, why not reduce your energy use and harvest the power of the sun? After all, solar is a completely renewable energy source.

    Armed with one of our 20w or 40w solar panels and MobilePower Portable Power Bank, you can charge your gadgets from anywhere. So long as the sun is out, of course. Our 20W and 40W panels are ultralight and easy to transport. Whether you’re stationed in your RV or backpacking in the mountains for the weekend, it never hurts to have solar at your disposal. And better yet, charging your devices with solar energy is better for the environment. 

    Now’s a great time to invest in solar panels, since they’re more portable and affordable than ever. You can get a lightweight, portable 40W solar panel to charge your gadgets for under $100.


    Rv Traveling Through The Mountains

    Try Your Hand At Dry Camping Or Boondocking 

    Dry camping and boondocking are some of the best ways to make your RV eco friendly. They’re also a lot of fun! If you can forgo electrical hookups for a few nights, you’ll be rewarded with wide open spaces and a starry sky, especially for the boondockers out there. 

    Just because you’re off grid, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable though. With an efficient house battery you can still power the essentials such as your water system, lighting, and overhead fans. But not just any battery will do. You’ll want a reliable and energy efficient power source to power your weekend away. 

    With our trusted 12V LiFePO4 batteries, you can forgo the electrical hookups and enjoy nature at its fullest.  

    Pro Tip: Use a 12V lithium battery (or 2, or 4) to charge and power your lights, fans, and water pump even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Lithium is by far the best RV battery for boondocking because it’s efficient, reliable, and safe for the environment. 

    Switch to Green, Energy Efficient Lithium Batteries

    You can make a huge leap toward eco friendly RVing with this one small step: switch to lithium RV batteries. Here’s why:

    • Lithium is toxin-free. While lead acid batteries may be the most inexpensive choice for your RV, they’re not the most eco-friendly. They contain hazardous substances, including sulphuric acid and lead. This is why they require maintenance and must be stored properly to prevent leaks that contaminate the environment. Lithium batteries are the safer, smarter alternative for your eco friendly RV. They are non-toxic, leak-free, and recyclable. You can even store them indoors.
    • Lithium is smart. Lithium batteries are smart batteries because they have a battery management system that prevents overcharging (and subsequent damage). They also connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. With a few taps, you can see exactly how much energy is left.
    • Lithium is more efficient. Lithium batteries have a 99% charge efficiency, compared to 85% for lead acid. You can use a much smaller and less expensive solar setup to charge lithium than you would need to charge a similarly sized lead acid battery. Thanks to their efficiency, lithium battery banks run out of power much less often. This is important for times when you need to use limited power wisely, such as when you’re boondocking!  


    Cell phone, laptop and technology on an eco-friendly wooden tab

    Quick Tips for Greener, Eco Friendly RV Living

    Cutting down on fossil fuel use, staying off the grid, harnessing solar power, and switching to smart batteries are all major ways to turn your home-on-the-go into an eco friendly RV. But here are a few more RV tips to help you go even greener:

    • Use enzyme-based tank cleaners instead of chemical-based cleaners for your RV toilet.
    • Switch out basic bulbs and replace them with energy-saving LED lights. 
    • Use reusable, lightweight plates and utensils instead of disposable plastic and styrofoam.
    • Conserve water by bringing your own water filtration system and using the water around you. Install a water-saving shower head to reduce waste. 
    • Leave no trace! Take everything you brought to the campsite with you when you leave.

    Looking for more great RV tips? Check out The Best RV & Travel Trailer Battery For Dry Camping & Boondocking.

    Learn more about lithium batteries here:

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