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    Your Best Bet For An Off-Grid Battery Bank

    your best bet for an off grid battery bank

    Do you love traveling on your own terms without breaking the bank? If so, then investing in an off-grid battery bank may be a worthwhile purchase. Setting up your RV or camper with a lithium battery bank can help you meet your electrical needs in a safe, eco-conscious, and efficient way. It can also save money on campground or hotel costs! 

    With a battery bank you’ll be able to generate the power you need and store it for later use. You’ll also open yourself up a world of new possibilities and experiences. Not being tied to the grid can give you a lot of flexibility. Especially in terms of where you can travel and set-up camp. So keep reading to learn more about off-grid battery banks!

    Why Go Off-Grid When Traveling? 

    Going off-grid means you don’t have to rely on electrical lines to provide you with power. Instead, you can turn to alternative energy sources, like solar energy. We often think of people going off-grid when it comes to powering their homes. And though that’s one way to use an off-grid battery bank, it’s not the only way. These days, many RV’ers travel and explore the world this way too.

    Another thing many people think of when going off-grid is staying at a bare-bones campsite and living off the land. You know, hunting and fishing for your food and living under the stars. Sure, this type of camping can be a lot of fun, but it’s not your only option. Not by any stretch of the imagination. You don’t have to give up your phone, favorite electronics, and air conditioning when you go off-grid with a battery bank. Thanks to innovative technology (like lithium) you can capture solar energy and remain mobile and comfortable. With a battery bank, you’re storing energy for whatever uses are most important to you. 

    Another advantage is that you won’t be limited by location. If you bring your own power, you can park in many places around the country for free. This means you can capture truly incredible (and exclusive) views that many will never experience. Adventures like this are possible with an off-grid solar battery bank and the occasional sunny day to juice up your battery. 

    Ever heard of boondocking? This style of camping is off-grid and is gaining a ton of popularity. If you’re interested in learning more about boondocking, LithiumHub’s got you covered. Check out this blog post to gain a ton of knowledge and resources surrounding the subject.

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    Why Use An Off-Grid Battery Bank? 

    More than likely your battery bank is going to feature several batteries connected in series or parallel. This combination will create a “bank” of batteries that’s able to store energy from the sun. This bank will allow you to store surplus energy from your solar panels so that the energy can be used at a later date. 

    If you don’t store your solar power in a battery, it can be limiting. This is because you’ll only be able to use electricity on bright days that are clear and cloud-free. Unfortunately, when you’re on the road, that might not always be good enough. So, investing in a solar storage device is going to be key for traveling.

    When you’re using solar energy to power a home, an off-grid battery bank is not always going to be necessary. This is because, depending on the set-up, you can just use solar energy when it’s available. When it’s not, you’re able to default back to using public utilities. This may not be truly “off-the-grid” living, though.  However, it allows you to make solar your primary power source and the grid as your backup source. Or vise-versa.

    Yet, this isn’t an option if you’re traveling in an RV and want to avoid campsites. That’s why off-grid battery banks are very popular for boondocking and camping. They allow you to use power when there’s no active sunshine around. So you can still charge your devices at nighttime and on cloudy, rainy days too.

    To ensure a superior adventuring experience, investing in an off-grid solar battery bank is usually the way to go! Fortunately, we have a blog post dedicated specifically to this subject. It goes over different battery types, such as lithium, lead acid, and sealed AGM batteries, and is a great resource. But we’ll talk a bit about this in the next section! 

    3 blue Ionic off grid batteries in front of bushes.

    Why Use Ionic Lithium Solar Batteries For Your Battery Bank? 

    There are a lot of choices when it comes to creating an off-grid battery bank. You might find lead-acid batteries tempting because they’re generally the cheapest option up front. But you have to take into account their shorter battery life and need for monitoring and maintenance. Sealed gel cell batteries and AGM are also options, and some are swayed because they offer a longer cycle life over lead-acid. But both options are a bit fickle, especially in terms of usable capacity, lifespan, and susceptibility to overcharging. 

    The best option is always going to be Ionic lithium solar batteries. The one con we can point to is their up-front cost, which is higher than the other battery types. But overtime, you should earn back your investment and then some. 

    There’s a lot to love when it comes to lithium off-grid solar batteries. For instance, they have the longest lifetime. You also won’t over or undercharge them, thanks to an advanced (and built-in) battery management system. They’re safer for the environment since they’re non-toxic and leak-free. In addition, they charge quickly and work in both hot and cold climates. And that’s just a sample of the many benefits of going with lithium when creating your off-grid battery bank. 

    In fact, the high up-front cost is virtually the only drawback of this battery type. Still, even this shouldn’t be prohibitive. This is even more true when you consider that lithium is more energy-efficient than competitors. Plus these batteries don’t require maintenance or replacement frequently. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they generally have the lowest cost throughout their lifespan. It’s definitely worth paying a little more upfront to save a lot more down the road. 

    Why Wait? See The World With Lithium Today

    Using lithium for your off-grid battery bank is going to provide you with the optimal travel experience. You’ll be able to explore the world in your RV  without worrying about having enough power. Furthermore, by going with lithium, you’ll get peace of mind. You won’t be concerned with maintenance, replacements, or overcharging. You can learn more about the merits of lithium solar batteries here.

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