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    9 Ways To Use Your 12V Lithium Battery

    Trolling Motor

    9 Exciting Ways To Use Your 12V Lithium Batteries

    Image of a trolling motor and a fish finder on a bass boat.

    Gone are the days of hauling around hefty, bulky generators to power appliances in your RV. Or worse–going completely without power on a freezing night off-grid because you don’t have enough reserve.

    Lithium batteries have revolutionized the outdoor adventure industry. But camping is just one of the many uses of 12v lithium batteries.

    They’re more versatile than you might think. Read on to discover 9 fantastic uses of lithium batteries that can make your life easier and more fun!

    #1 Lightweight juice for bass boats and trolling motors

    Conventional batteries end up “trolling” you with their attractive cheap price tag but terrible quality. The real winner for your bass boat or trolling motor is a 12 volt lithium battery. Not only will it free up some space because of its compact size, but it will also lighten your boat and make it easier to maneuver.

    #2 Keep the adventures rolling in your RV or travel trailer

    Lithium is the top dog in the RV world, and with good reason! People who own them love them, and people that don’t… well, they want them. Why? Because no other battery technology offers the same output and reliability as lithium. It outlives and outperforms the competition by a longshot; it’s ultra lightweight, longer lasting, maintenance free and much more. Whether you’re a boondocker, snowbird, or full-timer, your RV is sure to benefit from the many uses of 12v lithium batteries.

    #3 Big power for tiny houses

    Two wooden tiny houses with picnic tables in front of them.

    If you think tiny houses are just for TV, think again. More and more folks are making the switch to these compact casas, thanks in part to the fact that they’re easy to power. Vacation home, anyone? So long as your electricity needs are minimal, you can enjoy an affordable weekend away in your tiny home! So go ahead, pair your eco-friendly living space with an equally eco-friendly solar power setup and 12V lithium battery. Mother Earth will thank you for it (and so will your wallet).

    #4 A boost for getting around town (or the house)

    If you rely on a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, a 12 volt lithium battery can become your declaration of independence. It will lighten the load on your scooter and make it easier to handle. It also charges faster and lasts longer than a conventional battery. So you’ll have more time to do what you love with the people you love.

    #5 Backup power in a flash

    Let’s start with the essentials. If you use critical medical equipment and live where power outages are a frequent threat, you need an emergency power backup. A 12v lithium battery can fuel that backup and keep your essentials running when you need them most. Unlike a generator, lithium batteries provide power in an instant, ensuring your appliances aren’t harmed by a power outage. Another great reason to be thankful for your 12v lithium batteries!

    #6 Power storage for a small solar setup

    Are you keen on going green? Harness renewable energy with a small solar panel setup. Use it to charge your 12v lithium battery, and you can store energy for use on a (literally) rainy day. When it comes to charging, lithium and solar panels are a perfect pair. That’s because lithium batteries charge quickly and need low resistance charging, which is exactly what solar panels provide. See all solar lithium batteries here!

    #7 Portable power for all your “extras”

    Laptop and smartphone on a picnic table outside.

    There’s no shame in “glamping”. If you can power your laptop, cell phone, speakers, fan, and TV with a 12 volt lithium battery, we say, “why not bring ‘em all?” A 12v lithium battery is so lightweight, you can toss it in a backpack and go for a hike. Lithium also withstands tougher temps and movement, two aspects that go hand and hand with outdoor adventures.

    #8  A way to work from the wilderness

    Speaking of powering a laptop while traveling, some of us call that an essential, not an “extra”. For those who need to connect a camera or juice up a computer for the daily grind, mobile power is a must. Your 12 volt lithium battery will provide just that– lightweight power you can take anywhere. You can also count on your battery to charge fast (in 2 hours or less). You’ll get steady, dependable performance out of your 12v lithium battery no matter how far out in the wilderness you find yourself.  (Now you can work from anywhere…so no excuses..)

    #9 Power your surveillance or alarm system off-grid

    Don’t count on burglary going bye-bye just because you’re off-grid (or in a place with spotty power). Sometimes, you need an alarm system to protect your stuff (or your family)– and a reliable 12v lithium battery can make sure it stays on. Better yet, lithium batteries won’t self-drain rapidly when not in use, so you can be sure you’re not wasting the charge when your system is inactive or when grid power takes over

    Other ways to use your 12v lithium batteries

    We’ll admit it…12V lithium battery uses go far beyond what fits in this article. But we’ll cram a few more in here, just for good measure…

    Clearly, there’s a lot of great ways to use your 12v lithium batteries! And don’t forget, at LithiumHub our 12 volt lithium battery lasts 3000-5000 cycles, which means you won’t be replacing them any time soon. They’ll last 10-14 years (or more, depending on how often you use them). How’s that for a good investment?

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