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    LithiumHub batteries are built tough, from materials you can count on. But great quality is just the beginning. We’re constantly chasing after innovative ways to make our batteries safer, smarter, and more efficient.

    What Are Lithium Batteries Used For? LiFePO4 Batteries Uses

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    What Are Lithium Batteries Used For? LiFePO4 Batteries Uses

    If you have a cell phone, computer, or a camera, there’s at least one lithium battery in your home. Or in your hand right now! Lithium batteries are hands-down one of the best advances in technology of this century.

    But there are plenty of lithium battery uses outside the realm of household electronics. One type of lithium battery, the LiFePO4, is revolutionizing the world of outdoor pastimes. Ready to discover why? Read on!

    What Are Lithium Batteries Used For? (LiFePO4)

    Reliable Power for Your RV

    rsz 1rv chargingYour RV house battery is what takes your RV from a box-shaped tent to a true mobile “home”. That’s because it powers all your “home” comforts, like your water/septic system, fans, and fridge.

    Before LiFePO4 lithium batteries came on the scene, lead acid batteries were the RV go-to. But lithium is a major improvement over the old tech. Why? The main reason is they last much longer. You can generally use a lithium RV battery for 10 years or more before replacing it. Compare that to the 2-4 year lifespan of a lead acid battery.

    Best Boondocking Batteries

    rsz 1motorhome electricityLithium RV batteries are more reliable than other types in foul weather situations. Not saying you’re going looking for extreme temps while camping. But in case they find you, you’ll be better prepared with LiFePO4.

    Of course, you can’t charge any battery type in below-freezing weather. But some lithium batteries come with a heater (like this one). The built-in heater detects low temps and heats your battery to a safe charging temperature.

    Heated lithium battery uses include cold-weather camping, ice fishing, and off-grid cabins. They can also serve as an all-season reliable emergency power source during an outage.

    Lightest Battery for Boats

    Charging electronics on a kayak floating on a lake.If there’s one thing that can improve your boat’s speed and agility, it’s shedding weight. But we’re not telling you to go get a gym membership. Just swap your boat battery for lightweight LiFePO4 lithium! These sleek, compact batteries are up to 70% lighter than lead acid. (All while packing the same amount of energy punch).

    The Speediest Option for Your Golf Cart

    Man in golf cart on a beach.Boats aren’t the only vehicles that benefit from lithium. One of the best lithium battery uses is to power golf carts and other small, lightweight vehicles. They can reach full speed and agility when propelled by lithium.

    But that’s not the only benefit. LiFePO4 batteries charge up to 500% times faster than lead acid.  (Yes, you read that right, 500 times). So no need to cancel a golf trip if someone forgot to charge the battery overnight.

    Safely Storing Solar Power

    Boat on the lake with a solar panel and grill.Solar power is an eco-friendly way to enjoy creature comforts (and essentials!) while camping or living off-grid. But it’s not as simple as hooking a solar panel up to your cell phone and charging away.

    LiFePO4 batteries provide a safe way to store that energy. Then you can put it to use with your appliances. Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium charges fast with the low-resistance charge of solar.

    Dependable Commercial Batteries

    9057bc75 b134 4708 b05e 0b9b2094ffcaThese batteries work as hard as you do. They’re built tough, so you don’t have to worry about them copping out when business depends on it. Commercial lithium battery uses range from floor sweepers and lift gates to floor scrubbers and small forklifts.

    Does lithium hold any advantages for commercial use? Yes! Number one is their lightning fast charge time. When it comes to getting a job done, saving time is saving money. They also save energy, powering your machines to their greatest potential.

    LiFePO4 Dual Batteries: 2 For 1 Deal

    12V 100ah Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery Group 31 w/ HeaterYou might have noticed that the uses we mentioned above are deep cycle battery uses. This means they provide steady amounts of energy over longer periods of time. But what are lithium batteries used for besides providing deep cycle power? We’re glad you asked.

    You can also use some LiFePO4 batteries as starting batteries for trolling motors. In fact, this dual purpose 12 Volt 100Ah lithium battery can both start your motor and run your onboard gadgets.

    What Are Lithium Batteries Used For the Most?

    It’s impossible to know what lithium batteries are most used for. They’re becoming more popular every day! But here’s what we can tell you: it appears their current number one use is for outdoor applications.

    Why? One word: reliability. No other deep cycle battery comes close to lasting as long as lithium. You can use them in cold or hot weather with confidence. They can operate at a high of 70°C and a low of -30°C (or 140℉ to -4℉) with no issue. Top quality LiFePO4 batteries have a built-in battery management system that protects the battery from unsafe conditions.

    Thinking of using a lithium LiFePO4 battery for your RV, boat, kayak, or solar setup? You’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of smart consumers who are turning to lithium for a better outdoor experience. Click here to discover the lithium battery uses that will change how you work and play.

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