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    How Long Do Lawn Mower Batteries Last?

    turning on the lawn mower

    It’s your day off. The sun is shining and a gentle breeze is rustling through the grass. Only problem? The lawn’s too long and it’s been bothering you for days. Today’s the day to tackle it. It’s not ideal, but at least you can anticipate the satisfaction of a job well done.

    Your mower purrs to life, and you’re making good progress. Your mower is chewing tidy rows into the overgrown greenery. And then your battery dies..

    It’s a frustrating situation that nearly every homeowner has faced. But there’s good news: your lawn mower doesn’t have to croak halfway through the job. Choosing the right battery can make all the difference in the world! And that brings us to the topic of this blog post: how long do lawn mower batteries last. Keep reading to learn which lawn mower batteries have the longest life!

    Ways To Power A Lawn Mower

    Before we tackle how long a lawn mower battery will last, let’s first discuss the different types of mowers. Folks who don’t have much yard to maintain usually turn to a simple push mower, while high-powered riding mowers are ready to take on acres of land. Then you’ve got your self-propelled powers, zero-turn mowers, electric mowers, and many other types in-between.

    zero turn lawn mower on turf with no driver

    The main ways to power a lawn mower are: gasoline, corded electric power, battery powered, or a combination of gas/electricity. Gas-powered mowers are tried-and-true, but there are some disadvantages to them. You’ve got to have gas and oil on hand and know how to mix them in the correct amounts. You also have to deal with that pesky pull string to start your engine.

    Corded electric mowers are a convenient option for someone with a very small yard. Yet,  dealing with extension cords while mowing can be very frustrating. They can come unplugged at the outlet or at the lawn mower. They can also get caught or tangled in yard items like bushes, trees, or power boxes.

    Battery-powered mowers have a lot of advantages. You get to skip the trips to the gas station and avoid spills in the back of your SUV. But generally, these aren’t the best option for lawn care workers or homeowners with smaller sized properties.

    Another option? A gas powered mower with an electric start. For many, it’s the best of both worlds, especially those with riding mowers and hefty zero-turn lawn mowing machines. Instead of fighting the pull string, simply press a button or turn a key and your battery powered starter will get things rolling. Now, the big question remaining is how long does a lawn mower battery last? Keep reading to learn more.

    How Long Do Lawn Mower Batteries Last?

    Buying a lawn mower that can tackle larger properties can be a big investment. A push mower is going to take every last ounce of energy out of you. For larger properties, riding lawn mowers (or better yet, zero-turn mowers) are usually the way to go. These internal combustion engines require a starter battery. And that brings us to our topic: what kind of lawn mower batteries are best and how long do lawn mower batteries last.

    Now, trying to decide how to pick the best mower for you can depend on a variety of factors. Is it for residential or business use? How often do you mow? Would you rather spend less in the short-term, or save money in the long-run?

    worker slashing grass motor mower

    There are two main kinds of lawn mower batteries. The first are inexpensive, but often very heavy, need a lot of maintenance, and have to be replaced far more often. We’re talking about lead-acid batteries.

    The second type of lawn mower battery is lithium LiFePO4 batteries. They cost more upfront but weigh about 50% less than lead-acid batteries, last 4-6x longer, and require no maintenance.  You’ll likely save a lot of money in the long-run.

    So, now we can answer the question of how long do lawn mower batteries last. Buying replacement batteries for your lawn mower is expensive, so it’s important to have batteries that can keep going as long as your mower does.

    The Battery With The Longest Life-Span

    Lead-acid batteries’ lifespan is variable depending on how much maintenance they receive. If the batteries aren’t maintained in any way, they can die in as little as one mowing season. Unless you invest in a trickle charger at the end of the season, they may become useless after one mowing season. Lead acid doesn’t fare well in the cold of winter. Manufacturers measure batteries in charging cycles. Lead-acid batteries can last longer with special care but it’s not uncommon to get only a few hundred cycles out of them. And that’s if they’re properly taken care of and stored.

    LiFePO4 lithium lawn mower batteries last approximately 4-6 times longer than lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries have a higher power density level and a slower rate of capacity loss. Lithium batteries can last for 10+ years or 3,000 charging cycles at 80% DOD.

    Of course the answer to the question “how long does a lawn mower battery last” can have many answers. A lot depends upon the type of battery you choose! But as you can see, lithium lawn mower batteries can last much longer than lead-acid lawn mower batteries. A whopping 4-6x longer!

    Advantages Of Lithium Lawn Mower Batteries

    Besides longevity, lithium lawn mower batteries have several other advantages over lead-acid batteries.

    • There’s no cool-down period after charging, because lithium batteries feature a built-in battery management system (BMS). So they won’t overcharge or over-heat on the charger like lead-acid batteries.
    • Lithium batteries have a 15x lower discharge rate. They hold their charge longer than other batteries. They also charge 4 to 6 times faster than lead-acid batteries.
    • They are non-toxic and you can store them indoors.
    • They need no maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries.
    • Lithium batteries are more resilient against extreme hot and cold temperatures.
    • They feature a built-in emergency start function! Just press a button and your battery will start back up again, thanks to the battery reserve.
    • Lithium batteries are 70% lighter than lead-acid batteries.

    lithium lawn mower batteries owner

    We think it’s safe to say that lithium LiFePO4 lawn mower batteries are the superior battery when it comes to rechargeable lawn mower batteries. If you own a lawncare business or a larger property, choosing a battery that works with you vs. against you is a game changer. And again, Ionic lawn mower batteries also feature a built-in Emergency Start function and Bluetooth technology. So you’ll always have access to your battery stats (charge, voltage, and more) and won’t have to worry about getting stranded with a dead starter battery. Lithium lawn mower batteries are in a league of their own.

    Time to make the switch? Check out Ionic’s lithium lawn mower batteries here.

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