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Choosing The Best Battery Tray For Your Boat Or RV

I A scenic path, forested trails, and miles of adventure in your trusty RV…sounds pretty epic, huh? Thankfully your vessel’s powered by long-lasting and durable lithium so you’re not worried about your power source as you galavant across the country. But with those sharp turns, mountain-like hills, and narrow roads, the drive can get a little wild.

While you probably have most everything strapped in and secure, you may not have given second thought to your batteries. Are they secure? Just as your RV shifts gears and goes up and down that hill, there goes your battery – jostling about in the back.

Battery security is a thing. Whether you’re driving between canyons or boating on your favorite lake, your battery needs to be safely secured. Battery trays are the solution. Keep reading to learn more about how a RV battery tray can help you and why a battery tray for your boat is necessary.

What Is A Battery Tray And Why Do You Need One?

A battery tray is exactly what it sounds like – a tray to hold your battery setup secure. It’s like a case for your camera or a cover for your cell phone. A battery tray is the bodyguard to your battery. It keeps it safe, secure, and grounded in one place.

If you’re thinking it’s a gimmick, it’s not.

So you invested in a Lithium LiFePO4 battery for your RV. Or you’ve got batteries connected in series to power up your bass boat. Why not protect those batteries from unnecessary wear and tear? If you haven’t made the switch to lithium from lead acid, you’ll be worrying about toxic battery acid leaking on surfaces. Not to mention corrosion. Yet another reason to switch to lithium! But even with top notch LiFePO4 batteries, you’ll still want to keep them protected and in good condition. It’s an investment worth protecting.

Here’s what a battery tray can do:

  • Help prevent damage to your batteries
  • Keep your battery in place and from sliding around
  • Serve as a secure place to put several batteries

And did we mention that our Ionic Battery Trays are custom-built? They’re available in seven sizes and come with a one year warranty.

Other Ionic Battery Tray features:

  • Our trays are made from durable aluminum – the perfect companion for your strong, reliable batteries.
  • They come in a variety of sizes – you’ll easily find a match for your specific battery setup.
  • Designed with mounting screws so your entire setup is secured to your boat. Or RV. Or UTV. You get the point…
  • Adjustable straps allow your battery to stay anchored to the tray, regardless of the size.

Battery Trays For Boats

Battery Trays For Boats
Do I need a battery tray for my boat?

Yes! A marine battery tray is an essential component of a smooth-sailing boating adventure. Not only will a battery tray keep your battery in place under rough conditions and amidst roaring waves, it’ll also give you a sense of security. When a battery moves out of position, it could stop functioning. Nobody wants to lose power on the water. Or lose sleep over the regret of not investing in a marine battery tray sooner.

Not securing your battery properly could also land you in rough waters. Or out of them. If your battery isn’t correctly secured, you could be sent home by the Coast Guard,

Battery Trays For RVs

rv driving in mountains

So you’re not facing any unpredictable waters but instead taking your trusty RV out for a drive or weekend away. You’ve got an Ionic Lithium RV Battery on hand so you’re not worried about leaky battery acid. That means you don’t need a battery tray, right? Wrong!

Regardless of what kind of battery you have, you don’t want it shifting around. A battery that moves around when it’s not supposed to can face all sorts of potential damage. This can significantly lower its life span.

With a mounting dock, an RV battery tray allows a battery to stay in place and stay connected at all times. This means no unexpected interruptions in power and no system failures.

Battery Box, A Good Alternative To Battery Trays?

You know you need to secure your powerful battery to keep them in tip-top condition.. And you also know that bungee cords and zip ties won’t cut it. But what about a battery box? Battery boxes do help keep batteries in place, but they come with their share of disadvantages, such as:

  • If you’ve got a lead/acid battery, a battery box completely seals the battery within, not allowing it to vent properly. With lithium, you don’t have to worry about venting!
  • Closed battery boxes make it difficult to access your battery.
  • Battery boxes take up much more space than battery trays.
  • Most battery boxes are made from plastic – they aren’t durable and won’t last as long.
  • Lifting a battery box can be heavy and hard on your body.

Whether your next weekend getaway is on a boat or in an RV, you need peace of mind. And nothing tops the peace of mind like knowing that your gear is connected, secured, and ready to go as fast and powerful as you’d like. Having a battery tray means having security no matter where your adventure takes you.

Interested in our custom-built battery trays for your boat or RV? Check out all of our battery trays here!