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    Best UTV Accessories + Absolute Must-Haves

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    UTVs (also known as side by sides) take you where cars and trucks can’t. They can traverse tough terrain, take on muddy trails, and access remote hunting grounds.

    But most come outfitted with just the bare-bones basics. It’s up to you to customize your UTV to suit your needs.

    The good news is that there are so many UTV accessories to choose from. But figuring out which are the best UTV accessories for you? That can be a challenge.

    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite UTV essentials and gadgets below. Some will enhance your vehicle’s performance. Others make enjoying certain pastimes (like night-driving or hunting) much easier. Take a look and see which are right for you!

    UTV Basics

    If you haven’t purchased your UTV yet, you might be surprised to know that most don’t come with features you’d find on a typical vehicle. We’re talking a roof, windshield, rear view mirrors, and spare tires.

    So your first step to customizing your side by side might be to outfit it with these essentials. Also, you’ll want to carry a spare drive belt, since it can get a lot of wear and tear while offroading.

    Reliable UTV Batteries

    If there’s one thing that can make your UTV run like a beast, it’s a good battery. You’re going to need batteries that can take a beating from rocky, rough terrain. They need to provide consistent output even when somewhat drained, unless you want to struggle up hills. You also need a battery that’s light enough to keep your vehicle agile, while allowing you to tote all your gear.

    What kind of battery can do all of the above, and more? Lithium LiFePO4 batteries for UTVs. You can use them to power your vehicle, plus run electronic accessories like lights and GPS systems.

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    Jumper Box/Emergency Start System

    If safety and security are first in your book, you’ll want to invest in a jumper box. You can’t push start a UTV/side by side with a CVT transmission. That’s why an emergency start system is one of the best UTV accessories, and one you should prioritize. It’s also an absolute lifesaver when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead UTV battery.

    But it’s not necessary to shell out extra cash for a jumper box. You can get one built-in to your battery! Our lithium UTV batteries come with an Emergency Start function to make sure your battery starts, no matter what.

    Racks, Racks, and More Racks

    Ok, we’re not saying you have to buy a zillion racks and clog up your UTV. We’re just making a point that there are TONS of different racks for UTVs on the market. There are racks for guns and bows. There are luggage racks. Tiny GPS racks to keep your path-finder in place.

    Why are racks one of the best UTV accessories of all time? Well, unless you want to clutch your gear while driving to keep it from jostling around, you’ll need a contraption to hold it for you. Racks keep everything in place and prevent damage or loss. Some racks (like specialized gun racks) can even mount your weapons to the roof to free up space elsewhere.

    A Trail-Blazing GPS

    If you want to take your side by side into uncharted terrain, your cell phone’s GPS just won’t cut it. Try an offroading system that lets you ride through forest, desert, and wilderness without getting lost.

    GPS systems like these are one of the best UTV hunting accessories you can buy. You can follow game almost anywhere, and still find your way back home. Many let you “breadcrumb” your path so you can return via the same trail. You can view satellite images to spot and avoid difficult terrain. And the best part? You can power your GPS for as long as you need to with a lightweight, reliable lithium battery.

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    LED Lights

    One of the best UTV accessories for a night-owl outdoorsmen is a handy set of LED lights. That’s also true for hunters who head out at the crack of dawn and don’t return until the sun has set.

    The most common way to install LEDs is to hook a forward-facing light bar or pod up to your lithium battery. You can also add rear lights for a clear view when backing up.  And don’t forget a small interior light to illuminate the cab.

    Street Legal Kit

    What if you want a break from dirt roads and bumpy paths once in a while? Can you take your UTV on public roads? With a street legal kit, you can. This kit is one of the best UTV accessories to invest in if you want total freedom to roam.

    Street legal kits include things that cars have and UTVs don’t: rear view mirrors, a horn, blinkers, and a license plate bracket. Of course, you’ll still need to check your state’s laws to make sure you meet all legal requirements before hitting the streets. Some states require you to have your UTV insured.

    Many of the best UTV accessories run on battery power. Wondering what battery works for your UTV? Read more about lithium UTV batteries here, or contact us for assistance. 

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