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    LithiumHub batteries are built tough, from materials you can count on. But great quality is just the beginning. We’re constantly chasing after innovative ways to make our batteries safer, smarter, and more efficient.

    Best Marine Battery Charger

    Image of a marine battery charger near a docked boat.

    Thankfully we only have “smart chargers” at LithiumHub. So rest assured that no matter whichever battery charger you choose, you’re getting one with countless benefits such as: Bluetooth capabilities, protection from under or overcharging, a more efficient charge, and less weight. But even still, you may be wondering what the best marine battery charger is.

    Follow along as we talk about various batteries, the types of chargers they need, characteristics of the best chargers, and more!

    The Different Types Of Batteries: Cranking, House, & Trolling Motor Batteries

    When choosing your charger you’ll need to think about chemistry, voltage, and capacity. You’ll also need to consider what you’re charging as well. Maybe your setup is pretty simple and all you need to power is your engine and trolling motor. Or maybe you’re all about the accessories, and on top of the typical setup, you need to power a fish finder, CD player, extra lights, and more. Either way, we have a variety of marine battery chargers to help you get the job done right!

    Before you settle on the best marine battery charger, let’s first discuss a few of the battery types you may have on board.

    A Cranking Marine Battery

    To start your engine you’re going to need a “starting” battery. A lot of times this battery is also called a “cranking” battery. This battery is designed to give a short and powerful burst of energy to fire up your engine. The purpose is to turn your engine over. Depending upon how much you’re powering on your bass boat, you may have one single battery dedicated to this job. Unless your boat is extremely small, expecting a cranking battery to power up your engine and all of your accessories is a really big ask. Now the cool thing about starter batteries is that they generally receive a charge while your boat is running. A lot like a car battery. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never charge your starter battery.

    Deep Cycle Batteries

    Most boaters have a deep cycle battery or “house battery” on board. Oftentimes, more than one battery is connected in series or parallel to supply all your power needs. Many refer to these types of batteries as the “marathon runners”. They exist to power equipment or gadgets that require more constant charge. Think lights, audio systems, fish finders, navigation tools, and more. These batteries need to be charged frequently, especially if you use your “extra” tools often.
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    Trolling Motor Batteries

    Experienced boaters and fishing enthusiasts love their trolling motors. These awesome contraptions can get a boat from one point to another with incredible stealth. Quietly sneak up on bass and maneuver through shallow waters with ease, thanks to your trolling motor. They can also help you stay in one place without drifting or needing to lower your anchor. Most people charge their trolling motor batteries once the boat is docked or back home. Plug in your onboard battery charger and in a couple of hours they’ll be ready to hit the water again!

    As you can see, an angler’s battery and charging needs can really vary. That’s why many folks run batteries in series or parallel. When it comes to charging all of these batteries at once, our battery bank chargers and Ionic Multi Voltage Charger are a sure bet. Follow along as we discuss the benefits of both in the next section. And which option is the best marine battery charger!

    How to Power More Than One Battery at the Same Time

    If you’re looking for flexibility, we’ve got it in spades. Imagine the hassle of having to lug one battery after another to an electrical outlet. Sure, lithium batteries are about half the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries, but it would still be exhausting and time consuming. Instead, choose an on-board charger with a cable cord. Better yet, choose a battery bank charger with these features! That way you can charge multiple batteries at once. And no lugging batteries around.

    Image of man in bass boat with text describing multi bank battery chargers.

    Our charger banks can even charge different types of batteries at the same time. So if your cranking battery is still an old lead-acid battery but you’ve upgraded your trolling motor battery to lithium…you can still charge them together! Let’s discuss a few of your options:

    Ionic 3 Bank Charger

    Image of an Ionic 3 bank battery charger.If you have multiple batteries and are looking for the best marine battery charger, our 3 bank option may very well be it! Coming in at only 11 pounds, this charger can get your batteries juiced up in a few hours. Though our focus is marine batteries for this blog post, this charger is also a great option for RVers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Here are just a few benefits of our Ionic 3 Bank Battery Charger (12V 10A):

    • Comes Bluetooth equipped so you’ll know the status of your charge in real time
    • Can charge lithium, lead-acid, and AGM batteries
    • Has the ability to charge a 12V, 24V, or 36V system

    Leave plenty of room for your prize winning catch with this lightweight, super compact charger!

    Ionic 4 Bank Charger

    4bankcharger5Need more charging capacity? Our Ionic 4 Bank Charger 12V 10A is a great option for anglers with greater power needs. Like our 3 bank charger, it’s also lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to use. And with four batteries in tow, you’ll want to make sure they’re receiving the best protection possible when charging!

    At LithiumHub, all of our marine batteries feature a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS). In addition, all of our chargers are “smart chargers”. This means that Ionic batteries and chargers work harmoniously to protect your batteries from overcharging and undercharging. So no twiddling your thumbs as your battery charges or needing to constantly check its status just to protect it. Just plug them in and let them charge. It’s as easy as that.

    Ionic 2 Bank Multi-Voltage Charger

    Image of an Ionic 2 bank battery charger.Do you have different voltages that need charging? Our Ionic 2 Bank Multi-Voltage Charger is one of the best marine battery chargers. It can charge one 36V and one 12V Lithium 10Ah battery at the same time! This charger can also be used in a 2-3 bank charging system. And like our other chargers, if you have a mix-match of lithium, lead-acid, and AGM batteries, it can charge different types at the same time.

    If you’re looking for ultimate flexibility, it would be hard to find a better option. With Bluetooth you can easily check the status of your charge from your smartphone. Another convenience of all our smart chargers!

    Have More Questions?

    Choosing the best marine battery charger doesn’t have to be hard. If you have further questions, just drop us a line. Our experts are happy to assist you and guide you in finding the perfect charger for you!

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