Ionic Lithium Batteries

The Ionic Lithium Battery Advantage


Learn what separates Ionic batteries from the competition

  • Ionic batteries are made with Grade A cells not lower lever Grade at B or C that others are using. The performance will degrade very fast with cycles.
  • Ionic uses large 20Ah and 25Ah flat cells to minimize connections points.  Allows lower resistance to reduce any heat build up and balances the cells better.
  • Ionic batteries have Bluetooth monitoring system in place to provide exact state of charge to give you a piece of mind.  Also calculates real time run time or charge time under existing condition.
  • Ionic batteries can be connected 4 in series to work on 12, 24, 36 and 48V systems as well
  • Ionic batteries have 3/8th threads to use with a nut and not a screws that might be too long or too short depending what ring terminals are being connected.
  • Ionic batteries have advance BMS software to filter spikes and provide extra starting current.
  • Ionic batteries has been awarded patents US9412994 and US9954207 for the MOSFET controls inside the battery.  Most competitors are infringing on those patents.

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